Office Dressing

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ADD0010 ADDRESS BOOK, Cream Set $10ADD0011 ADDRESS BOOK, Small Assorted $3ARC0010 ARCHIVE BOX, Grey Document Style $3.75BEL0003 BELL, Desk Style $3
BIN0112 BIN, Black Mesh Rectangular $7.5BIN0113 BIN, Black Wire - Large Gauge $10BIN0114 BIN, Black Wire $10BIN0115 BIN, Blue Plastic $5
BIN0116 BIN, Chrome Perforated Cylinder $10BIN0117 BIN, Cream Beige Plastic $6.25BIN0118 BIN, Cream Metal Ribbed $10BIN0119 BIN, Cream Metal $10
BIN0120 BIN, Dark Green Embossed Leatherette $10BIN0121 BIN, Grey Metal Ribbed $10BIN0122 BIN, Grey Wire - Large Gauge $10BIN0123 BIN, Grey Wire $10
BIN0126 BIN, Grey Large PUSH $15BIN0124 BIN, Maroon Plastic $6.25BIN0125 BIN, Splayed Wood Veneer $15BOO0060 BOOK, Guest Or Visitor $6.25
BOO0061 BOOK, Record Book - Hardcover $3BOO0062 BOOK, Record Book - Pale Blue $3.75BOO0063 BOOK, Record Books - Carbon Style $3.75BOO0064 BOOK, Business, Tax & Accounting Assorted $3
BOX0020 BOX, Storage Box - Grey Fabric $3.75BOX0021 BOX, Storage Box - Orange $3.75BRI0040 BRIEFCASE, Slimline - Brown Suede $15BRI0016 BRIEFCASE, Hard Shell - Classic Black $15
BAG0030 BAG, Laptop Case - Black Canvas $10BRI0045 BRIEFCASE, Softcase - Black $10BUS0050 BUSINESS CARD HOLDER  $2CAL0001 CALCULATOR, Contemp Large $3.75
CLO0129 CLOCK, Desk Clock w Calculator $3.75CAL0002 CALENDAR, Desk Flip Style $3CAR0050 CARD FILE, Contemp Assorted $5CAR0051 CARD FILE, Contemp Silver $6.25
CAR0052 CARD OR DISK FILE, Orange Acrylic $5CLI0001 CLIPBOARD, Blue Vinyl $2.50CLI0008 CLIPBOARD, Orange Vinyl $2.50CLI0002 CLIPBOARD, Wooden $3
COM0300 COMPENDIUM,  Small Brown $6.25COM0306 COMPENDIUM, Grey Wool $7.50COM0301 COMPENDIUM, Large Black Synthetic $7.50COM0302 COMPENDIUM, Small Black $6.25
COM0303 COMPENDIUM, Small Burgundy $6.25COM0304 COMPENDIUM, Small Navy Cream $6.25COM0305 COMPENDIUM, Small Tan $6.25COM0310 COMPUTER KEYBOARD, Black w Silver Key Detail $15
COM0311 COMPUTER KEYBOARD, Silver w Black Keys $15COM0312 COMPUTER MONITOR, Black Gloss Hp $22.50COM0313 COMPUTER MONITOR, Silver Benq Senseye $22.50COM0314 COMPUTER MONITOR, Silver Benq $22.50
DES0060 DESK ACCESSORY, Silver Grey Mesh Assorted $2.50DES0061 DESK ACCESSORY, Silver Grey Mesh File Or Envelope Holder $2.50DES0062 DESK ACCESSORY, Silver Grey Perforated Metal File Or Envelope Holder $2.50DES0050 DESK BLOTTER, Small Green Leather $7.50
LAM0437 LAMP, Desk Lamp - Black Contemp $15LAM0431 LAMP, Desk Lamp - Silver Contemp $15DIA0001 DIARY, Assorted A4 $3.75DIA0002 DIARY, Assorted $3.75
DIA0003 DIARY, Black Assorted $3.75DIA0004 DIARY, Blue A4 Filled In $7.50DIA0005 DIARY, Blue Assorted $3.75DIA0008 DIARY, Small $3
DIS0020 DISK FILE, Plastic $5DIS0021 DISPLAY BOOK, Plastic Spiral $0.75DOC0026 DOCUMENT BOX, Timber $18.75DOC0001 DOCUMENT FILE OR WALLET, Plastic Assorted $0.5
DOC0025 DOCUMENT HOLDER, Timber Wall Mount $10DOC0030 DOCUMENT TRAY or DESK ORGANISER, Black Mesh 3 Tier $6.25DOC0031 DOCUMENT TRAY or DESK ORGANISER, Silver Grey Mesh 3 Tier $6.25DOC0040 DOCUMENT TRAY, Silver Grey Mesh - Style 1 $3.75
DOC0041 DOCUMENT TRAY, Silver Grey Mesh - Style 2 $3.75DOC0042 DOCUMENT TRAY, Silver Grey Mesh - Style 3 $3.75DOC0042 StackedDOC0002 DOCUMENT TRAY, Beige $3
DOC0033 DOCUMENT TRAY, Black Rounded Edge $3DOC0032 DOCUMENT TRAY, Black $3DOC0034 DOCUMENT TRAY, Blue Perforated Metal $3.75DOC0035 DOCUMENT TRAY, Burgundy $3
DOC0036 DOCUMENT TRAY, Clear Smoked $3DOC0037 DOCUMENT TRAY, Dark Blue $3DOC0038 DOCUMENT TRAY, Dusty Pink $3DOC0039 DOCUMENT TRAY, Fuscia Pink $3
DOC0007 DOCUMENT TRAY, Grey Perforated Metal Double Tier $7.50DOC0008 DOCUMENT TRAY, Grey Perforated Metal $4.50DOC0003 DOCUMENT TRAY, Grey $3DOC0004 DOCUMENT TRAY, Pale Blue $3
DOC0009 DOCUMENT TRAY, Timber w Stickers $6.25DOC0010 DOCUMENT TRAY, Timber $7.50DOC0011 DOCUMENT TRAY, Timber w Brass Label Plate $10DOC0027 DOCUMENT TRAY, Timber Double $18.75
DOC0028 DOCUMENT TRAY, Timber Triple  $22.50DOC0043 DOCUMENT TRAY, Wire  w Plastic Coat - Black $3DOC0005 DOCUMENT TRAY, Wire w Plastic Coat $3DOC0006 DOCUMENT TRAY, Wire $3.75
DOO0001 DOOR, Freestanding 1970cm H x 83cm x 50cm W $90FIL0002 FILE DRAWER, Black Clear Plastic $6.25FIL0003 FILE HOLDER, w Assorted Files $10FIL0037 FILE HOLDER, Black Mesh $3.75
FIL0005 FILE HOLDER, Period Hard Cover Assorted $3.75FIL0038 FILE HOLDER, Silver Grey Mesh $3.75FIL0039 FILE HOLDER, Silver Grey Perforated Metal $3.75FIL0040 FILE HOLDER, Yellow Perforated Metal $3.75
FIL0041 FILE OR MAGAZINE HOLDER, Aqua Blue Acrylic $3.75FIL0006 FILE OR MAGAZINE HOLDER, Black Plastic $3.75FIL0043 FILE OR MAGAZINE HOLDER, Green Acrylic $3.75FIL0042 FILE OR MAGAZINE HOLDER, Green $3.75
FIL0044 FILE OR MAGAZINE HOLDER, Orange Acrylic $3.75FIL0045 FILE OR MAGAZINE HOLDER, Orange Mesh $3.75FIL0007 FILE OR MAGAZINE RACK, Grey Plastic $3.75FIL0046 FILE ORGANISER, Grey Plastic w Crystafiles $12.50
FIL0008 FILE ORGANISER, Black Plastic Contemp $3.75FIL0047 FILE ORGANISER, Blue Plastic w Files $6.25FIL0009 FILE ORGANISER, Colour Plastic $6.25FILE ORGANISER, Wire Rack - Black - Small (FIL0049) $3.75 & Large (FIL0048) $5
FIL0050 FILE ORGANISER, Wire Rack - Chrome Arched $5FIL0051 FILE ORGANISER, Wire Rack - Chrome Large $5FIL0052 FILE ORGANISER, Wire Rack - Chrome Small $3.75FIL0010 FILE, Crystalfile Green Single $0.50
FIL0017 FILE, Data File Cover - Assorted $2.50FIL0014 FILE, Data File - Blue $6.25FIL0015 FILE, Data File - Red $6.25FIL0015 FILE, Data File - Red $6.25
FIL0016 FILE, Data Printout $12.50FIL0011 FILE, Lever Arch - Colour $2FIL0012 FILE, Lever Arch - Black $2FIL0054 FILE, Lever Arch - Blue (Light) $2
FIL0053 FILE, Lever Arch - Blue $2FIL0056 FILE, Lever Arch - Green (Lime) $2FIL0055 FILE, Lever Arch - Green $2FIL0013 FILE, Lever Arch - Grey $2
FIL0057 FILE, Lever Arch - Mint Blue $2FIL0058 FILE, Lever Arch - Natural Brown $2FIL0059 FILE, Lever Arch - Orange $2FIL0060 FILE, Lever Arch - Red $2
FIL0061 FILE, Lever Arch - Rust Brown $2FIL0062 FILE, Lever Arch - Yellow $2FIL0064 FILE, Ring Binder Small - Green (Lime) $1.50FIL0065 FILE, Ring Binder Small - Mint Blue $1.50
FIL0066 FILE, Ring Binder Small - Orange $1.50FIL0067 FILE, Ring Binder Small - Yellow $1.50FOL0116 FOLDER, Blue Manila $0.50FOL0100 FOLDER, Blue Plastic $1.25
FOL0117 FOLDER, Period Manila Assorted $0.75GRA0050 GRAPH, Assorted Office Graphs $2.50HOL0050 HOLE PUNCH,  Contemp $3.75HOL0051 HOLE PUNCH, Period Metal $6.25
INK0001 INK PAD, Roller $5MES0050 MESSAGE PAD, Large $1.50
MES0051 MESSAGE PAD, Small $1MUG0001 MUG, Contemp $1.25MUG0001 MUG, Contemp $1.25NEW0002 NEWSPAPER, Truth - Express $2.50
NOT0020 NOTE BOOK,  Black Red A4 $2.50NOT0021 NOTE BOOK, A4 Hardcover $2.50NOT0022 NOTE BOOK, A4 Spiral Assorted $1.25NOT0023 NOTE BOOK, A5 Spiral Assorted $1.25
NOT0024 NOTE BOOK, Ex Small $2.50NOT0025 NOTE BOOK, Personal Styles Assorted $2NOT0026 NOTE BOOK, Reporter Style $2.50NOT0027 NOTE BOOK, Small Spiral Assorted $1.25
NOT0028 NOTE BOOK, Stylish Black Book $3.75NOT0029 NOTEPAD, w Leather Cover  $7.50NOT0030 NOTEPAD, A4 Assorted $1.25NOV0001 NOVELTY, Desk Dressing Props $2.50
NOV0002 NOVELTY, Desk Dressing Prop - Toy Style $2.50NOV0003 NOVELTY, Large Diamond in Acrylic Box $10NOV0004 NOVELTY, Oversized Diamond Ring $6.25PAP0001 PAPERWORK, Generic - Box Lot $25
PAP0019 PAPERWORK, Period - Single $1.25PAP0010 PAPERWORK, Period - Small Box Lot $37.50PAP0002 PAPERWORK, Police Files - Box Lot $37.50PAP0003 PAPERWORK, Police File - Each $2.50
PEN0020 PEN HOLDER, Black Basic w Pens $3.75PEN0058 PEN HOLDER, Silver Grey Mesh - Round $3PEN0060 PEN HOLDER, Silver Grey Mesh - Square Tapered $3PEN0059 PEN HOLDER, Silver Grey Mesh - Square $3
PEN0022 PEN HOLDER, Tubular Grey w Pens $3.75PEN0023 PEN HOLDER, Tubular Smoked w Pens $3.75PEN0025 PEN, Pen on Chain $2PEN0026 PEN, Pen Holder w Pen on Chain $3
PEN0024 PENCIL SHARPENER, Classic Desk Mount Blue $7.50PEN0027 PENCIL SHARPENER, Desk Mount Vintage Chicago $11.25GRE0006 GREENERY, Desk Plant - Potted Medium in Green Pot $3.75POS0050 POST, Box Of Assorted Mail $30
POS0051 POST, Bundle Of Mail Assorted $5POS0052 POST, Mail Bag Orange $6.25SCI0001 SCISSORS, Classic Large $4.50
SHE0003 SHELVING, Office Pigeon Hole - Grey Laminate $25SIG0609 SIGN, Office Assorted A4 $2.50STA0202 STAMP, Large Metal $8.75Large & Medium Stamps
STA0203 STAMP, Medium Metal $6.25STA0201 STAMP, Plastic $3.75STA0204 STAMP, Seal $11.25STA0208 STAPLER, Black Electric $5
TAP0003 TAPE DISPENSER, Contemp Clear Acrylic $5TAP0001 TAPE DISPENSER, Contemp Silver $3.75TEL0151 TELEDEX, Grey $4.50TEL0150 TELEDEX, Spiral $6.25

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.