Bathroom & Beauty

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BAT0050 BATH TOY, Rubber Duck Assorted $1.25BAT0051 BATHROOM ACCESSORY, Assorted Glass $3.75BAT0052 BATHROOM ACCESSORY, Blue Country Floral $3.75BAT0053 BATHROOM ACCESSORY, Brown Resin Pump Pack or Cup $3.75
BAT0054 BATHROOM ACCESSORY, Ceramic Print $3.75BAT0055 BATHROOM ACCESSORY, Contemp White Wood Pump Pack or Toothbrush Holder $3.75BAT0056 BATHROOM ACCESSORY, Glass and Metal Lid Cannister or Bottle $3.75BAT0057 BATHROOM ACCESSORY, Peach Vintage Floral Soap Dish or Bowl $3.75
BAT0058 BATHROOM ACCESSORY, Miscellaneous $3.75BAT0059 BATHROOM ACCESSORY, Vintage Glass and Silver $12.50BAT0060 BATHROOM SCALES, 1970s Retro Blue Floral $18.75BAT0061 BATHROOM SCALES, Vintage Blue $12.50
BOT0105 BOTTLE or CONTAINER, Plastic Travel Size $2.50BOT0106 BOTTLE, Glass Bath Foam, Body Lotion and Other $6.25BOT0107 BOTTLE, Vintage Glass Bath Salts w Ribbon $10HAI0024 HAIR BRUSH & HAND MIRROR SET, Vintage Gold Damask Back $15
HAI0025 HAIR BRUSH & HAND MIRROR SET, Vintage Rust Silver Lace Back $15HAI0026 HAIR BRUSH & HAND MIRROR SET, Vintage Silver Round $15HAI0027 HAIR BRUSH, Vintage Pink Floral Embroidered Back $7.50HAI0017 HAIR BRUSH, Vintage Assorted $7.50
HAI0028 HAIR BRUSH, Vintage Gold w Yellow Pink Rose $7.50HAI0029 HAIR BRUSH, Vintage Wooden $6.25HAI0016 HAIR BRUSH, Plastic Assorted $2.50HAI0030 HAIR BRUSH, Vintage Gold Embroidered Back $7.50
HAI0018 HAIR CLIP, Plastic Assorted Hair Accessory $1HAI0002 HAIR COMB, Plastic Assorted $1.25HAI0004 HAIR DRYER, 1950s Retro Lime Green - Hawkins $10HAI0005 HAIR DRYER, Retro Orange $10
HAI0003 HAIR DRYER, Professional Hairdryer Style $15HAI0006 HAIR DRYER, 1960s Retro Yellow Small - Speedie $10HAI0007 HAIR DRYER, Retro Cap in Case - Lady Sunbeam Boxed $22.50HAN0050 HANDKERCHIEF, Lady's Vintage Lace Hanky $5
HAN0051 HANDKERCHIEF, Lady's $2.50HAN0052 HANDKERCHIEF, Men's Vintage $5HAN0053 HANDKERCHIEF, Men's $2.50HAT0090 HAT PIN, Large Pearl $6.25
HOT0001 HOT WATER BOTTLE, Brown Fur $7.50HOT0002 HOT WATER BOTTLE, Coloured $7.50HOT0003 HOT WATER BOTTLE, Small Baby Size $6.25JUG0043 JUG, Wash Stand - Pale Blue Floral $7.50
JUG0044 JUG, Wash Stand - Peach Rose $7.50MAK0001 MAKE UP BAG, Assorted $3.75MAK0002 MAKE UP BAG, Cream Designer $3.75MAK0003 MAKE UP BAG, Pink Blue Floral Travel Wash Bag $6.25
MAK0004 MAKE UP BAG, Pink Brown Floral Travel Wash Bag (Full) $18.75MAK0004 MAKE UP BAG, Pink Brown Floral Travel Wash BagMAK0005 MAKE UP BAG, Retro Green Floral Pink Lining $6.25MAK0006 MAKE UP BAG, Travel Toiletry Pink Orange Retro Floral $6.25
MAK0007 MAKE UP PURSE, Asian Silk $3.75MAK0008 MAKE UP PURSE, Retro Floral Plastic Coated $3.75MAK0009 MAKE UP PURSE, Retro Orange Brown Floral $6.25MAK0010 MAKE UP, Assorted (Small Box) $12.50
MAK0011 MAKE UP, Assorted Lipstick Contemp $1.25MAK0012 MAKE UP, Assorted Vintage $6.25MAK0013 MAKE UP, Assorted $1.25MAK0014 MAKE UP, Compact - Vintage Round $10
MAK0015 MAKE UP, Compact - Vintage Square or Rectangular $10MAK0016 MAKE UP, Lipstick Holder w 4 Lipsticks - Vintage $18.75MAK0017 MAKE UP, Lipstick Vintage Gold $6.25MAK0018 MAKE UP, Vintage Lournay Foundation Jar $10
MIR0035 MIRROR, 1970s Art Nouvea Lady in Green Dress $22.50MIR0036 MIRROR, 1970s Orange Moulded Plastic $18.75MIR0037 MIRROR, 1970s White Moulded Plastic $18.75MIR0038 MIRROR, 1970s Yellow Plastic $22.50
MIR0039 MIRROR, Black Plastic $6.25MIR0015 MIRROR, Ex Small - Vintage $3.75MIR0016 MIRROR, Gold Gilt Oval Frame - Small $10MIR0012 MIRROR, Gold Gilt Table Top 25cm x 28cm H $10
MIR0017 MIRROR, Hand Held Dark Wooden - Vintage $7.50MIR0018 MIRROR, Hand Held Tarnished Silver $7.50MIR0019 MIRROR, Hand Held Wooden - Vintage $7.50MIR0020 MIRROR, Hand Painted Jungle Frame 35cm $7.50
MIR0021 MIRROR, Retractable Chrome $11.25MIR0022 MIRROR, Retractable w Rust $11.25MIR0023 MIRROR, Bevelled Edge Small - Vintage $15MIR0024 MIRROR, Bevelled Edge Small w Wooden Frame and Chain $15
MIR0040 MIRROR, Small Bevelled in Vintage Frame $15MIR0041 MIRROR, Vintage Deco 3 Panel (Broken RHS) $15MIR0042 MIRROR, Vintage Deco Curved Top $18.75MIR0043 MIRROR, Vintage Deco Scalloped Edge w Chica $18.75
MIR0029 MIRROR, Vintage Shaving Style $7.50MIR0030 MIRROR, Vintage Table Top w Etched Butterfly and Roses on Back $12.50Back Detail (MIR0030)MIR0031 MIRROR, White Table Top or Make Up $6.25
MIR0032 MIRROR, Yellow Retro - Small $10MIR0033 MIRROR, Yellow Retro Make Up Style $10MIR0034 MIRROR, Bevelled Edge w Frame 64 x 80cm $18.75NAI0001 NAIL KIT, Lady's Retro $6.25
PAC0014 PACKAGING, Nylon Stocking Box - Vintage $5PAC0015 PACKAGING, Beauty Products Box $3.75PER0010 PERFUME ATOMISER, Aqua Blue Spray Bottle w Tassel $7.50PER0011 PERFUME ATOMISER, Spray Bottle w Back Tassel $7.50
PER0012 PERFUME ATOMISER, Spray Bottle w Pink Tassel $7.50Perfume StylingPER0013 PERFUME, Mens $7.50PER0014 PERFUME, Assorted Medium $7.50
PER0015 PERFUME, Assorted Small $6.25PER0016 PERFUME, Green Blue Lid $7.50PER0017 PERFUME, Packaging Box $3.75POW0010 POWDER BOX, Vintage Black Bakelite $12.50
POW0011 POWDER BOX, Vintage Green Bakelite w Brass Dogs $12.50POW0012 POWDER BOX, Vintage Green Brass $15POW0013 POWDER BOX, Vintage Lournay $12.50POW0014 POWDER BOX, Vintage Pink Bakelite $10
POW0015 POWDER BOX, Vintage Pink Blossom Helena Rubinstein $12.50POW0016 POWDER BOX, Vintage Pink Mother of Pearl $12.50POW0017 POWDER BOX, Vintage Regal Theatrical Powder $12.50POW0020 POWDER PUFF, Assorted $3
POW0021 POWDER TIN, Vintage Richard Hudnut $12.50POW0022 POWDER, Vintage Square $12.50PRO0003 PRODUCT, Assorted Shaving Cream - Foam or Stick $2.50PRO0013 PRODUCT, Bathroom Toiletries - Men's $2.50
PRO0014 PRODUCT, Bathroom Toiletries - Retro $5PRO0015 PRODUCT, Bathroom Toiletries - Vintage $5PRO0010 PRODUCT, Hairdressing Hair Supplies $3.75PRO0016 PRODUCT, Hotel Toiletries - Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Soap $1.25$
PRO0017 PRODUCT, Vintage Barrier Cream Jar $5Vintage Bathroom StylingRAZ0011 RAZOR, Assorted Disposable Style $1.25RAZ0012 RAZOR, Electric Shaver Remington Contour Boxed $12.50
RAZ0002 RAZOR, Mens Electric Philishave Boxed $12.50Assorted Electric Mens ShaversRAZ0013 RAZOR, Men's Electric Shaver Philishave Speedsaver Boxed $12.50RAZ0001 RAZOR, Mens Electric Shaver Remington $12.50
RAZ0009 RAZOR, Mens Electric Shaver Schick Boxed $12.50RAZ0010 RAZOR, Vintage Safety Blade $10SHO0011 SHOE HORN, Extra Long Plastic $3.75SLI0022 SLIPPER, Pair Men's Blue $7.50
SLI0023 SLIPPER, Pair Men's Blue Green Check $7.50SOA0007 SOAP BOX, Retro Plastic Travel $3.75SOA0001 SOAP DISH, Brass $5SOA008 SOAP, Vintage Packaged $5
SOA0003 SOAP, Vintage Bar $3.75TIS0002 TISSUE BOX, Yellow Plastic 1950's $7.50TOO0202 TOOTH BRUSH, Electric Braun $12.50TOO0203 TOOTH BRUSH, Older Style Aged $3.75
TOO0204 TOOTH BRUSH, Tooth Paste or Holder $2.50TRA0109 TRAVEL BAG, Men's Toiletry or Wash Bag $6.25TRA0110 TRAVEL KIT, Men's Toiletry or Grooming Set - Vintage Retro GWJ $15TRA0111 TRAVEL KIT, Men's Toiletry or Grooming Set - Vintage Retro $12.50 Or TRA0108 TRAVEL KIT, Mens Grooming Set - Tan Leather Case $12.50

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.