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Photo Shoot Styling 1930sRock and Roll Event StylingEvent Styling 1950sEvent Styling 1950s
Photo Shoot StylingEvent Setup - Styled Lolly BuffetEvent Setup - Record CentrepiecesAWA0006 AWARD, Gold Record $18.75
CAS0200 CASSETTE, CASE - Brown Vinyl w Tapes $8.75CAS0201 CASSETTE, HOLDER - w Tapes Retro Brown $8.75CAS0202 CASSETTE, HOLDER - w Tapes Retro Orange $8.75CAS0203 CASSETTE, HOLDER - 1970s Timber Veneer Audiosonic $15
CAS0204 CASSETTE, HOLDER - 1970s Timber Veneer $15CAS0205 CASSETTE, HOLDER - Yellow Autosonic $12.50CAS0206 CASSETTE, HOLDER - 1970s Philips Silver Veneer $18.75CAS0207 CASSETTE, RECORDER - Black Crowncorder in Case $18.75
CAS0208 CASSETTE, RECORDER - Black Bell & Howell $18.75CAS0209 CASSETTE, RECORDER - Black Fission $18.75CAS0210 CASSETTE, RECORDER - Black Sanyo $18.75CAS0211 CASSETTE, RECORDER - Hanimex $18.75
CAS0212 CASSETTE, RECORDER - Silver National Panasonic $18.75CAS0213 CASSETTE, Tapes $0.50CAS0214 CASSETTE, 8 Track Cartridge $2.50CAS0215 CASSETTE, Audio Books $3.75
COM0200 COMPACT DISC, HOLDER - Slat Veneer $15COM0201 COMPACT DISC, HOLDER - Veneer Musicway $15COM0202 COMPACT DISC, HOLDER - Assorted $2.50COM0203 COMPACT DISC, HOLDER - Black Open Shelf $12.50
COM0204 COMPACT DISC, HOLDER - Pine Upright $12.50COM0205 COMPACT DISC, PLAYER - Silver Woodgrain Sony $18.75COM0206 COMPACT DISC, Assorted $1.25ELE0001 ELECTRICAL, Assorted Leads & Connectors $5
HEA0005 HEADPHONES, Black Contemp $12.50HEA0001 HEADPHONES, Aviation - Pilot Green $30HEA0002 HEADPHONES, Basic Black $7.50HEA0003 HEADPHONES, Novelty - Assorted $8.75
HEA0004 HEADPHONES, Pale Blue Vintage $8.75HEA0006 HEADPHONES, White Gaming Style $15MEG0006 MEGAPHONE, Battery Operated - Grey & White $15MEG0007 MEGAPHONE, Battery Operated - Red & White $15
MEG0008 MEGAPHONE, Battery Operated - Teal & Cream $15MIC0050 MICRO CASSETTE, Recorder - Black Olympus $15MIC0051 MICRO CASSETTE, Recorder - Black Sony $15MIC0052 MICRO CASSETTE, Recorder - Silver Sony $15
MIC0053 MICRO CASSETTE, Recorder - Remington Casio Mini $15MIC0054 MICRO CASSETTES $2.50MIC0001 MICROPHONE, Handset Assorted $10 AND MIC0103 MICROPHONE, Block Assorted $6.25STA0105 STAND, Microphone - Black Style 1 $10
STA0106 STAND, Microphone - Black Style 2 $10MIC0001 MICROPHONE, Handset w Cord Assorted $10MIC0010 MICROPHONE, Lecturn Style - Black $15RAD0033 RADIO, Boombox - Small Round Silver MAXIM $15
RAD0030 RADIO, Boombox - Small Round Silver TEAC $15RAD0031 RADIO, Boombox - Small Round Black & Silver BASE $15RAD0056 RADIO, Boombox - Black National Slim Line $18.75RAD0001 RADIO, Boombox - Black Panasonic $22.50
RAD0002 RADIO, Boombox - Black Sanyo $22.50RAD0003 RADIO, Boombox - Black Silver Philips Spatial $22.50RAD0055 RADIO, Boombox - Black Toshiba $22.50RAD0004 RADIO, Boombox - Pink White Sanyo $15
RAD0005 RADIO, Boombox - Silver Fly Teac $15RAD0006 RADIO, Boombox - Silver Sanyo Slimline $18.75RAD0007 RADIO, Boombox - Silver Sanyo Blue Speakers $25RAD0008 RADIO, Boombox - Silver Sony Slimline $18.75
RAD0009 RADIO, Boombox - Tradies Explosive Sound System $22.50RAD0032 RADIO, Slimline Astor w Woodgrain Face $12.50RAD0010 RADIO, Cassette - Universum $12.50RAD0011 RADIO, 1950s Cream Little $25
RAD0050 RADIO, Transistor Eight $12.50RAD0051 RADIO, Transistor Philips $12.50RAD0012 RADIO, 1930s Astor Bakelite 48cm W $45RAD0013 RADIO, 1930s Timber STP 45cm W $50
RAD0014 RADIO, 1950s Black Chrome Stereo $25RAD0015 RADIO, 1950s Blue Green Kreisler $15RAD0016 RADIO, 1950s Grundig Wooden Case $62.50RAD0034 RADIO, 1950's Kiesler Long $20
RAD0017 RADIO, 1950s Cream Kreisler $20RAD0018 RADIO, 1950s Kreisler $20RAD0019 RADIO, 1950s Pink Astor $25RAD0020 RADIO, 1950s Red $18.75
RAD0021 RADIO, 1960s Beige White Philips $12.50RAD0035 RADIO, 1970's Rambler - Off White w Black Face $15RAD0022 RADIO, Black Woodgrain Realistic $12.50CLO0044 CLOCK, Digital Clock Radio - Timber GE $11.25
CLO0037 CLOCK, Digital Clock Radio - Silver Curved $11.25CLO0043 CLOCK, Digital Clock Radio - Timber GE Side Speakers $11.25RAD0023 RADIO, Hitachi $12.50RAD0024 RADIO, JVC Nivico $12.50
RAD0025 RADIO, Radiola in Leather Case $20RAD0026 RADIO, Silver Sanyo $12.50RAD0027 RADIO, Silver Super Sensitive $12.50RAD0028 RADIO, Small Black Rambler $12.50
RAD0052 RADIO, Transistor - Black Case $8.75RAD0053 RADIO, Transistor - ex Small Ferris $6.25RAD0057 RADIO, Transistor - Light Blue Oceanic $8.75RAD0054 RADIO, Transistor - National in Brown Leather Case $8.75
RAD0029 RADIO, Woodgrain Astrad $12.50RAD0200 RADIOGRAM, Teak with Green Speaker $100RAD0201 RADIOGRAM, Teak $100REC0001 with lid Closed
REC0001 RECORD PLAYER, 1950s HMV $30REC0014 RECORD PLAYER, 1960s Blue Crosley Case $22.50REC0002 RECORD PLAYER, 1970s Brown Sanyo $18.75REC0013 RECORD PLAYER, 1970s Brown Timber Philips in Briefcase $18.75
REC0003 RECORD PLAYER, Optimus $18.75REC0004 RECORD PLAYER, Stereo System 1990s Black Sony $25REC0005 RECORD, 1970s Singles $1REC0006 RECORD, 1980s Singles $1
REC0007 RECORD, 1970s Gramaphone $5REC0007 RECORD, 1970s Gramaphone $5REC0008 RECORD, Albums - Assorted $1REC0011 RECORD, Crate Full of Assorted $30
REC0009 RECORD, Cut Out 45cm D $3.75REC0010 RECORD, Novelty Vinyl Folder $3.75Assorted VinylVintage Records & Speaker Setup
SPE0001 SPEAKER, 1920s Dark Woodgrain Set $25SPE0002 SPEAKER, 1930s Woodgrain  $37.50SPE0003 SPEAKER, Intercom 1960s Grey Hammertone $18.75SPE0004 SPEAKER, School PA 58 x 44cm $30
SPE0005 SPEAKER, Wall Mount $15SPE0006 SPEAKER, Black Sony SRS A31  $8.75SPE0007 SPEAKER, Gramaphone Style $301920s & 1930s Woodgrain Speakers
SPE0008 SPEAKER, Black Logitech Speaker Bar $8.75SPE0009 SPEAKER, Black Sony SSD102 25cm x 44cm H  $15SPE0010 SPEAKER, Small Black AIWA $8.75SPE0011 SPEAKER, Small Sony Wall Mount 25cm $8.75
SPE0012 SPEAKER, Timber Veneer 27cm x 33cm $12.50TAP0002 TAPE RECORDER, Everbest Reel to Reel Recorder $30REC0012 RECORDER, Tape - Sony Three Head $30Assorted Headphones
Styling - 1950s Pink Radio

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