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Prop Styling - 1970's ClassroomProp Styling - Globes in ClassroomProp Styling - Old SchoolEvent Styling - School Cases
Event Styling - School EssentialsArts Centre Styling - Lord of the Flies ThemeProp Styling - Teacher's DeskVintage School Styling
Vintage School StylingVintage School StylingABA0001 ABACUS, Wooden Beads $3.75ABA0002 ABACUS, Vintage Coloured Beads $7.50
SIG0206 SIGN, Banner - Class of 85 $50BEL0001 BELL, Vintage Brass Hand Bell (12cm W x 26cm H) $11.25BEN0100 BENCH, Timber - Painted Green 1.1m Long $30BEN0101 BENCH, Timber - Distressed Narrow Slat w Back $37.50
BEN0103 BENCH, Timber - Rustic 2m Long Backless $50BENCH, Timber - White Slat 1.2m (BEN0104) Long Backless & 1.8m (BEN0105) $50BEN0102 BENCH, Timber - Painted Off White Wide Slat w Back $37.50BLA0040 BLACKBOARD DUSTER, Contemporary $3.75
BLA0041 BLACKBOARD DUSTER, Vintage Style $5BLA0042 BLACKBOARD STENCIL, Australia $18.75BLA0005 BLACKBOARD, Classroom Style 1.2 x 2.4m Freestanding on Legs $100BLA0001 BLACKBOARD, Classroom Vintage 1.7m x 2m Tall $200
BLA0006 BLACKBOARD, Green (Wall Mount) 1.2m x 1.8m $62.50BLA0019 BLACKBOARD, Timber Frame 70cm x 100cm $18.75BOO0072 BOOK, Atlas - Junior School Atlas Assorted $3.75BOO0070 BOOK, Atlas - Robinsons Primary World Atlas $6.25
BOO0071 BOOK, Atlas - Whitcombes Atlas Of Geography $6.25BOO0073 BOOK, Brown Paper Covered $3.75BOO0075 BOOK, Dictionary - Assorted $3.75BOO0074 BOOK, Dictionary - Modern Junior Dictionary $6.25
BOO0076 BOOK, Exercise Book - In Magazine Holder (Contemporary)  $12.50BOO0077 BOOK, Exercise Book - Large Assorted (Contemporary) $1BOO0078 BOOK, Exercise Book - Project or Scrap Book Assorted (Contemporary) $1.25BOO0079 BOOK, Exercise Book - Small Assorted (Contemporary) $0.75
BOO0080 BOOK, Exercise Book - Miscellaneous $1.25BOO0081 BOOK, Exercise Book - Australias Own $3BOO0082 BOOK, Exercise Book - Territory Of Papua New Guinea $3BOO0083 BOOK, Exercise Book - Assorted Period Styles $3
BOO0084 BOOK, Exercise Book - Beige The Austral Drawing Book $3BOO0085 BOOK, Exercise Book - Blue Box Hill High School $3BOO0086 BOOK, Exercise Book - Blue Nature Study $3BOO0087 BOOK, Exercise Book - Blue The Oric Graph Book $3
BOO0088 BOOK, Exercise Book - Blue Universal $3BOO0089 BOOK, Exercise Book - Brown The Australian Printing Copy Book $3BOO0090 BOOK, Exercise Book - Composition Book Black & White $3BOO0091 BOOK, Exercise Book - Green The Advanced Exercise Book $3
BOO0092 BOOK, Exercise Book - Grey Nature Study $3BOO0093 BOOK, Exercise Book - Grey Pastel Book $3BOO0094 BOOK, Exercise Book - Grey Science Study $3BOO0095 BOOK, Exercise Book - Orange Vana $3
BOO0096 BOOK, Exercise Book - Red Vana $3BOO0097 BOOK, Exercise Book - USA Black White Composition Book $3BOO0098 BOOK, Exercise Book - USA Grey Subject Notebook $3BOO0099 BOOK, Exercise Book - USA Red White Composition Book $3
BOO0100 BOOK, Exercise Book - USA Small Subject Notebook w Sandy Cover $2.50Assorted Period Exercise BooksBOO0101 BOOK, Note Book (Contemporary) - A4 Spiral Hard Cover $1.25BOO0102 BOOK, Note Book (Contemporary) - A5 Spiral (School Style) $1.25
BOO0113 BOOK, School Record Book - Yellow Teachers Record of Collections $6.25BOO0103 BOOK, School Magazine Cover - The Koala $3.75BOO0104 BOOK, School Memo Or Notepad - Period $3BOO0105 BOOK, School Record Book - Green Teachers Class Record Book $3.75
BOO0106 BOOK, School Record Book - Grey School Reviews $5BOO0107 BOOK, School Record Book - Pink Pupils  Register $5BOO0108 BOOK, School Set - Assorted $15BOO0109 BOOK, School Text Book (Contemporary) $3.75
BOO0110 BOOK, School Text Book - Period Soft Cover $3.75BOO0111 BOOK, School Text Book - Period $3.75BOX0014 BOX, Brown Card School Storage $2.50Teachers Briefcases
BUG0002 BUG CATCHER $3.75CAL0004 CALCULATOR, Student Style $3.75CER0025 CERTIFICATE, School Award - Certificate Of Achievement (Gold Frame) $7.50CER0026 CERTIFICATE, Coral Sands Resort Scuba $7.50
CER0027 CERTIFICATE, Of Excellence Lifesaving $7.50CER0028 CERTIFICATE, Of Graduation $7.50CER0029 CERTIFICATE, School Award - Assorted Certificate Of Achievement $7.50CER0030 CERTIFICATE, Toorak College Woodwind Ensemble $7.50
CER0031 CERTIFICATE, Uni NSW Science Competition $7.50CHA0381 CHAIR, Plastic Stacking - Blue $11.25CHA0380 CHAIR, Plastic Stacking - Grey $11.25CHA0382 CHAIR, Plastic Stacking - Orange $11.25
CHA0302 CHAIR, Café - Straight Back 1940s Stained Timber $23.75CHA0355 CHAIR, Timber - Classroom Style $18.75CHA1000 CHALK, Box Of Assorted $2.50CHA1001 CHALK, Box Of Alpha $6.25
CHA1002 CHALK, Box Of Bellco $6.25CHA1003 CHALK, Box Of Embassy $3.75COA0005 COAT HOOK, Timber 5 Hooks $15CRA1000 CRAYON, Box Of Leviathan Marking Crayons $4.50
DES0051 DESK BLOTTER, Small w Green Leather Corners $11.25CHA0358 CHAIR, Timber Desk Chair - Slat Back Green Leather Captain Style $75DES0052 DESK ORGANISER, Vintage - White Timber $22.50DES0010 DESK, Timber Table w Green Vinyl Top 77cm x 52cm x 87cm H $45
DES0019 DESK, 1970s Timber 113cm x 60cm x 76cm H $75DES0018 DESK, Timber Student 1970s 51cm Deep x 86cm W x 70cm H $25DES0013 DESK, Timber School Flip Top $30DES0011 DESK, with Map Top $50
DES0014 DESK, Timber 2 Drawer - 90cm x 60cm $45DES0015 DESK, Timber Teacher's Style - 137cm x 77cm $62.50DES0017 DESK, Vintage Double Flip Top Desk - Yellow $37.50DIA0009 DIARY, School (Contemporary) $3.75
DOC0026 DOCUMENT BOX, Timber $18.75DOC0027 DOCUMENT TRAY, Timber Double $18.75DOC0028 DOCUMENT TRAY, Timber Triple  $22.50DOC0011 DOCUMENT TRAY, Timber w Brass Label Plate $10
DRI0001 DRINK BOTTLE, Assorted $2.50WAT0006 WATER FOUNTAIN, Round on Pedestal - Child Height $50EAS0002 EASEL, Stained Timber w Adjustable Pegs $30FLA0051 FLAG, School Crossing Hand Flag - Orange Fluro (Short Pole) $8.75
FLA0040 FLAG, School - Orange Fluro (Children Crossing) $12.50PEN0001 PENNANT, Felt or Fabric Assorted $3.75FOL0101 FOLDER, Beige Fabric $2.50FOL0102 FOLDER, Black Education Gazette $6.25
FOL0103 FOLDER, Brown Paper Covered $3FOL0104 FOLDER, Period School Magazine Holder - Black Grey Card $3.75FOL0105 FOLDER, Period School Reader - Black Grey Card  $3.75FOL0106 FOLDER, Period School - Black Grey Card w White Tape $3.75
FOL0107 FOLDER, Period School - Black Grey Card $3.75FOL0108 FOLDER, Period School - Black $3.75FOL0109 FOLDER, Period School - Red, Green or Blue Cover $3.75FOL0110 FOLDER, School - 1970s Style $3
FOL0111 FOLDER, School - Contemporary $1.25FOL0112 FOLDER, Staff & Teacher $2.50CHA0508 CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Set of 3 $45GLO0020 GLOBE, Inflatable - 30cm $5
GLO0021 GLOBE, Inflatable - Dinosaur 30cm $5GLOBE, Inflatable - Earth From Space 30cm (GLO0023) $6.25 & 60cm (GLO0022) $8.75GLO0024 GLOBE, Inflatable - Transparent 60cm $6.25GLO0002 GLOBE, Large Blue on Timber Base 45cm H $25
GLO0005 GLOBE, Medium 1950s Aged 34cm H $20GLU0001 GLUE, Vintage Clag $7.50HAT0022 HAT, School Boater w Navy Band $8.75HON0001 HONOUR ROLL, The Great War 1914 75cm x 125cm $100
PIC0101 PIC, 1970s Bulk Collection of School Locker Images $7.50INK0002 INK, Bottle Of Commercial Blue Ink $6.25JAR0001 JAR, Vintage Vitasal $3LIB0001 LIBRARY BAG, Assorted Retro $6.25
Locker Room Prop StylingLUN0002 LUNCH BOX, Assorted $3.75LUN0003 LUNCH BOX, Cardboard USA Style $7.50LUN0008 LUNCH BOX, Green Metal Vintage $10
LUN0004 LUNCH BOX, Metal Lunch $10LUN0005 LUNCH BOX, Metal Red Grey $12.50LUN0006 LUNCH BOX, Metal USA Style Black $12.50LUN0007 LUNCH BOX, Metal USA Style Pink $12.50
MAP0002 MAP ROLL, Australia 1961 - Vintage 1m x 80cm $30MAP0006 MAP ROLL, King Gene DNA 1.5m x 1.2m $30MAP0007 MAP ROLL, USA 1.8m x 1.5m (Crinkled) $30MAP0008 MAP ROLL, Victoria Riverina 1m x 1.5m $30
MAP0009 MAP, Australia - Laminated 1m x 80cm $7.50MAP0003 MAP, Victoria - Framed w Water Stain 1.8m x 1.3m $35MAP0004 MAP ROLL, Map of The World 1.25m x 1m $30MAR0020 MARBLES (in Metal Tin) $7.50
MAT0050 MATHEMATICAL SET, Kent 602 (Contemporary) $5MAT0051 MATHEMATICAL SET, Boxed Kent 606 $6.25MAT0052 MATHEMATICAL SET, Metal Box Assorted $5MAT0053 MATHEMATICAL SET, Plastic $3.75
MAT0054 MATHS INSTRUMENT, Set Square - Plastic Assorted $1.25MIC0002 MICROSCOPE BOX $11.25MIC0003 MICROSCOPE, Black $18.75MIC0004 MICROSCOPE, Grey Biolam $18.75
MIC0005 MICROSCOPE, Small $8.75PAP0011 PAPER, Lined Foolscap $2.50PAP0012 PAPERWORK, School Or University $1.25PEN0031/30 PEN, Whiteboard Marker - Single $0.50 or Bag Lot $5
PEN0032 PENCIL BOX, Burgundy Ice Cream Tub w Lid $3.75PEN0033 PENCIL BOX, Classic Metal Ochre $10PEN0034 PENCIL BOX, Grey Green Metal $2.50PEN0035 PENCIL BOX, Plastic $3.75
PEN0036 PENCIL BOX, Vintage Wooden $7.50PEN0037 PENCIL BOX, Yellow Plastic Tub $6.25PEN0038 PENCIL CADDY, Blue Acrylic $3.75PEN0039 PENCIL CADDY, Blue Tub w Pencils $6.25
PEN0040 PENCIL CADDY, Blue Tub $2.50PEN0041 PENCIL CADDY, Jar $3.75PEN0042 PENCIL CADDY, Small Galvanised Bucket With Pencils $3.75PEN0043 PENCIL CADDY, Yellow Bucket $3.75
PEN0044 PENCIL CADDY, Yellow Cat $3.75PEN0045 PENCIL CASE, Assorted $3PEN0046 PENCIL CASE, Retro $3.75PEN0047 PENCIL PACKAGING, Derwent Colour Pencils $10
PEN0048 PENCIL PACKAGING, Derwent Double Box $10PEN0049 PENCIL PACKAGING, Large Box Of Mars Staedtler $7.50PEN0024 PENCIL SHARPENER, Classic Desk Mount Blue $7.50PEN0027 PENCIL SHARPENER, Desk Mount Vintage Chicago $11.25
PEN0050 PENCIL TIN, Mars $6.25PEN0051 PENCIL TIN, Vintage Assorted $6.25PEN0052 PENCIL, Box Set Coloured Pencils $4.50PEN0053 PENCILS, Box Of AW Faber Winner $6.25
PEN0054 PENCILS, Box Of Assorted $5PEN0055 PENCILS, Box Of Colour Pencils $6.25PEN0056 PENCILS, Box Of Copperplate $5PEN0057 PENCILS, Box Of Royal Sovereign $6.25
PIC0102 PIC, Kookaburra In Gold Frame $12.50PIC0103 PIC, Kookaburra Painting On Canvas $10ART0030 ARTWORK, School Art - Detailed $7.50ART0031 ARTWORK, School Art - Simple Assorted $3.75
PLA0101 PLAQUE, Old Metal Painted Shield 50cm $22.50PLI0015 PLINTH, Stained Timber $62.50POS0007 POSTER ROLL, Anatomy Poster - Denoyer Geppert 1.1m x 90cm $37.50POS0008 POSTER, Australian Fauna Print On Chipboard $6.25
POS0009 POSTER, Educational Poster Large Format $3.75POS0010 POSTER, Encouragement Set $2.50POS0011 POSTER, School Room Educational - Astronomy Assorted $3.75POS0012 POSTER, School Room Educational - Natural Hazards $3.75
PRO0020 PROJECT, Black White Photo Set $15PRO0021 PROJECT, Model Of Trench $18.75PRO0022 PROJECT, School Assignment On Foam Core $7.50PRO0023 PROJECT, School Assignment Poster - Assorted $7.50
PRO0024 PROTRACTOR, Large Wooden Blackboard Style $18.75AWA0016 AWARD RIBBON,  School Athletics $1.25RUL0001 RULER, Plastic $1.25RUL0002 RULER, Vintage Set Square $12.50
RUL0003 RULER, Wooden Inch $2RUL0004 RULER, Wooden Metric $1.25SAT0001 SATCHEL, Brown Vintage w Shoulder Strap $18.75SAT0002 SATCHEL, Brown Vintage $18.75
SAT0003 SATCHEL, Dark Brown Vintage Style $18.75SCH0001 SCHOOL CASE, Blue $15SCH0002 SCHOOL CASE, Brown Globite Large $15SCH0003 SCHOOL CASE, Brown Globite Slim $15
SCH0004 SCHOOL CASE, Brown Leather HRH $15SCH0005 SCHOOL CASE, Brown $18.75Assorted Science Lab PropsSCI0002 SCISSOR, Bakelite Holder w Small Craft Scissors $12.50
SCI0003 SCISSOR, Small Craft Scissor $2.50SHE0004 SHELF, Wooden Pigeon Hole Unit $62.50PLA0100 PLAQUE, Principal Name Plaque $7.5SIG0405 SIGN, Road Sign - Stop Lollipop Fluro Orange $22.5
SIG0078 SIGN, School Display Signs In Acrylic $3.75SIG0019 SIGN, Pegboard Assorted $10SIG0079 SIGN, School - Caution School Bus $30SIG0055 SIGN, School - Children Crossing $15
SIG0056 SIGN, School - Drug Free School $15SIG0080 SIGN, School - Kihil Linquendum $7.50SIG0081 SIGN, School - Point Ferry Plaque $15SIG0082 SIGN, School - Principals Office (Chipped Corner) $11.25
SIG0057 SIGN, School - St Anthonys Plaque 55x65cm $62.50SIG0058 SIGN, School - St Anthonys 30x145cm $62.50SIG0083 SIGN, School - Year 12 Humanities $11.25SIG0086 SIGNAGE, 1950s College Faculty Signage $6.25
SIG0084 SIGNAGE, 1950s College Forum Poster $6.25SIG0085 SIGNAGE, 1950s College Registration Poster USA $6.25SIG0087 SIGNAGE, White Wooden 2 $2.50SIG0088 SIGNAGE, White Wooden Letters Small $2.50
SKE0001 SKELETON, Anatomical Model on Castors $100SOL0001 SOLAR SYSTEM, 3D Boxed Set $10SOL0002 SOLAR SYSTEM, Inflatable Set $17.50SPE0004 SPEAKER, School PA 58 x 44cm $30
TEA0100 TEACHING AIDS, Assorted Primary Class Printouts $2.50TEA0101 TEACHING AIDS, Manuals & School Training Guides In Magazine Holder $12.50TEA0102 TEACHING AIDS, School Or Teacher Training Manuals $3TEA0103 TEACHING AIDS, School Study Guide 1960s $3.75
TOY0002 TOY, Yoyo - Assorted $1.25TRO0124 TROLLEY, Library Picking Style - White Plastic Tubs $45Assorted Trophies & FootballsAssorted Trophies
WAT0108 WATERING CAN, Blue or Green Plastic $3.75WHI0008 WHITEBOARD ERASER $3.75Vintage School Styling

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We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.