Smoking & Ashtrays

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BIN0111 BIN, Ashtray Standing Office Bin - Assorted $22.50UMB0015 UMBRELLA STAND, Hall Stand - Brown Fluted (or Office Lobby Ashtray Bin) $15ASH0011 ASHTRAY BIN, Office Lobby Bin - Grey $18.75
ASH0012 ASHTRAY BIN, Office Lobby Bin - Sprayed Gold $18.75ASH0013 ASHTRAY, Set w Cigarette Holder - Amber And Gold $7.50ASH0014 ASHTRAY, 1960's Chrome Melamine - Black $6.25
ASH0015 ASHTRAY, 1960's Chrome Melamine - Blue $6.25ASH0016 ASHTRAY, 1960's Chrome Melamine - Red $6.25ASH0017 ASHTRAY, 1960's Chrome Melamine - Yellow $6.25ASH0019 ASHTRAY, 1970's Glazed - Rust Brown Yellow and White $7.50
ASH0020 ASHTRAY, 1970's Glazed - Square Brown w Red Eye $7.50ASH0021 ASHTRAY, 1970's Glazed - Square Brown $7.50ASH0022 ASHTRAY, 1970's Green Glass Flower $6.25ASH0023 ASHTRAY, 1970's Green Marbled Glass $6.25
ASH0024 ASHTRAY, 1970's Italian - Black Blue Glazed $10ASH0025 ASHTRAY, 1970's Italian - Blue Glazed $10ASH0026 ASHTRAY, 1970's Italian - Blue Green Glazed $10ASH0027 ASHTRAY, 1970's Italian - Orange Purple $10
ASH0116 ASHTRAY, 1970's Melamine - Brown $5ASH0117 ASHTRAY, 1970's Melamine - Mustard $5ASH0118 ASHTRAY, 1970's Melamine - Orange $5ASH0028 ASHTRAY, 1970's Mosaic - Teal Blue $7.50
ASH0029 ASHTRAY, Bakelite - Black or Brown Assorted $4.50ASH0030 ASHTRAY, Bakelite - Brown Deep Dish $5ASH0031 ASHTRAY, Bakelite - Brown Gold McWilliams Cream Sherry $5ASH0032 ASHTRAY, Bakelite - Green $4.50
ASH0033 ASHTRAY, Bakelite - Rust Brown $4.50ASH0001 ASHTRAY, Black Plastic Cafe Bar Style $1.25ASH0034 ASHTRAY, Brass - Large Dish $5ASH0035 ASHTRAY, Brass Bird Bath $5
ASH0036 ASHTRAY, Brass Bow Tie $3.75ASH0037 ASHTRAY, Brass Bowl $3.75ASH0038 ASHTRAY, Brass Deer Hunt $3.75ASH0039 ASHTRAY, Brass Horse Jumping $3.75
ASH0040 ASHTRAY, Brass Leaf $3.75ASH0041 ASHTRAY, Brass Parthenon $3.75ASH0042 ASHTRAY, Brass Stacking - Pub Style $3ASH0043 ASHTRAY, Brass Tripod Legs $3.75
ASH0044 ASHTRAY, Brass w Cut Out $3ASH0045 ASHTRAY, Ceramic - Black Swans WA Souvenir $3.75ASH0046 ASHTRAY, Ceramic - Blue Glazed Otto Beyer $6.25ASH0047 ASHTRAY, Ceramic - Brown Glazed Fish $3.75
ASH0048 ASHTRAY, Ceramic - Scallop Shell w  Lilac Flowers $3.75ASH0049 ASHTRAY, Ceramic - Square Daisy $3.75ASH0050 ASHTRAY, Ceramic Dish On Stand - Maroon w Gold Rim $6.25ASH0051 ASHTRAY, Cut Glass w Coloured Detail $6.25
ASH0052 ASHTRAY, Deco Style - Pewter $3.75ASH0053 ASHTRAY, Deco Style - Stainless Steel Trough $3.75ASH0054 ASHTRAY, Deco Style $3.75ASH0055 ASHTRAY, Glass - Amber 1970's Dimple Round $4.50
ASH0056 ASHTRAY, Glass - Amber Basic Round Large $3.75ASH0057 ASHTRAY, Glass - Amber Pointed Square Small $3ASH0058 ASHTRAY, Glass - Amber Round Ex Small $2ASH0059 ASHTRAY, Glass - Amber Round Large $3.75
ASH0060 ASHTRAY, Glass - Amber Square Large $4.5ASH0061 ASHTRAY, Glass - Amber Square Pointed Dish $3.75ASH0062 ASHTRAY, Glass - Amber Square $3.75ASH0063 ASHTRAY, Glass - Aqua Blue Square $3.75
ASH0064 ASHTRAY, Glass - Basic Square Cut Glass $3.75ASH0065 ASHTRAY, Glass - Brown Round Ex Small - Philippines Hotel $3.75ASH0066 ASHTRAY, Glass - Dark Green Round Ex Small $2ASH0067 ASHTRAY, Glass - Dark Red Square $3.75
ASH0068 ASHTRAY, Glass - Green $3ASH0069 ASHTRAY, Glass - Opaque Green Square $3.75ASH0070 ASHTRAY, Glass - Ribbed Edge - Pink Ex Small $3ASH0071 ASHTRAY, Glass - Ribbed Edged - Smoked Ex Small $3
ASH0072 ASHTRAY, Glass - Round Cut Glass - - Assorted Styles $5ASH0073 ASHTRAY, Glass - Round Cut Glass - Style 1 $5ASH0074 ASHTRAY, Glass - Round Cut Glass - Style 2 (Small) $5ASH0075 ASHTRAY, Glass - Round Cut Glass - Style 3 $5
ASH0076 ASHTRAY, Glass - Round Cut Glass - Style 4 $5ASH0077 ASHTRAY, Glass - Round Frosted $3.75ASH0078 ASHTRAY, Glass - Round Large $3.75ASH0079 ASHTRAY, Glass - Round Small $3
ASH0080 ASHTRAY, Glass - Round Straight Edge Large $3.75ASH0081 ASHTRAY, Glass - Rounded w Etched Flower $5ASH0082 ASHTRAY, Glass - Small Round Assorted Styles $5ASH0083 ASHTRAY, Glass - Smoked Cut Glass Large $6.25
ASH0084 ASHTRAY, Glass - Smoked Cut Glass Small $4.50ASH0085 ASHTRAY, Glass - Smoked Round Ex Small $2ASH0086 ASHTRAY, Glass - Square Cut Glass (Small) $3.75ASH0087 ASHTRAY, Glass - Square Cut Glass $5
ASH0088 ASHTRAY, Glass - Square Grey Smoked $4.50ASH0089 ASHTRAY, Glass - Square w Rounded Corners Small $3ASH0090 ASHTRAY, Glass - Square w Rounded Corners $3.75ASH0091 ASHTRAY, Glass - Textured Glass w Flower Design $5
ASH0092 ASHTRAY, Glass - Yellow Square Deco Style $6.25ASH0093 ASHTRAY, Glass Scandinavian Style - Deep Rectangular $6.25ASH0094 ASHTRAY, Glass Scandinavian Style - Solid Square $6.25ASH0095 ASHTRAY, Glass Scandinavian Style - Square $6.25
ASH0096 ASHTRAY, Glass Texture - Flower $5ASH0097 ASHTRAY, Glass Texture - Irregular Shape $5ASH0098 ASHTRAY, Glass Texture - Rectanguar $6.25ASH0099 ASHTRAY, Glass Texture - Round $5
ASH0100 ASHTRAY, Grey Plastic Cafe Bar Style $2ASH0101 ASHTRAY, Leather Cover Around Glass $6.25ASH0102 ASHTRAY, Marble - Brown Round $10ASH0103 ASHTRAY, Marble - Brown $10
ASH0104 ASHTRAY, Marble - Cream White $10ASH0105 ASHTRAY, Marble - Green Square $7.50ASH0106 ASHTRAY, Novelty - Black w Opal Inlay $6.25ASH0107 ASHTRAY, Novelty - Car Tyre $3.75
ASH0108 ASHTRAY, Novelty - Edinburgh Tobacco Branding $3.75ASH0109 ASHTRAY, Novelty - EUCLID Branded $3.75ASH0110 ASHTRAY, Novelty - Glass w Lake Photo $3.75ASH0111 ASHTRAY, Novelty - Melbourne Taxi Trucks $3.75
ASH0112 ASHTRAY, Novelty - Red Toaster Dance Dance $3ASH0113 ASHTRAY, Stainless Steel - Large Round Cafe Bar Style $3.75ASH0114 ASHTRAY, Stainless Steel Cafe Bar Style - Eltham Barrel $3.75ASH0115 ASHTRAY, Stainless Steel Cafe Bar Style - Square $2
ASH0003 ASHTRAY, Stainless Steel Cafe Bar Style $2ASH0004 ASHTRAY, Terracotta Cafe Bar Style $1.25ASH0005 ASHTRAY, White Ceramic Large $1.25BON0050 BONG, Aluminium $6.25
BON0051 BONG, Bamboo $6.25BON0052 BONG, Brown Glazed $6.25BON0053 BONG, Glass w Green Pipe $6.25BON0054 BONG, Plastic Bottle - Opaque $6.25
BON0055 BONG, Plastic Bottle $6.25BON0056 BONG, Rasta Style $6.25BON0057 BONG, Skull $6.25
CIG0001 CIGAR BOX, Assorted $6.25CIG0002 CIGAR CUTTER, Black $2.50CIG0003 CIGAR, Novelty $2.50CIG0004 CIGAR, Single $3.75
CIG0005 CIGARETTE CASE, Brown Reptile Cover 'Kellet' $6.25CIG0006 CIGARETTE CASE, Dark Brown Grain $6.25CIG0007 CIGARETTE CASE, Silver (Pitted) $5CIG0008 CIGARETTE CASE, Silver Engraved Leaf Design $6.25
CIG0009 CIGARETTE CASE, Silver $6.25CIG0010 CIGARETTE CASE, Snakeskin Cover $6.25CIG0011 CIGARETTE FILTER, Long $3.75CIG0012 CIGARETTE FILTER, Small Assorted $3.75
CIG0013 CIGARETTE LIGHTER, Black Laquered w Poppy $12.50CIG0014 CIGARETTE LIGHTER, Carved Wood $6.25CIG0015 CIGARETTE LIGHTER, Diamond Patterned Zippo $12.50CIG0016 CIGARETTE LIGHTER, Stainless Steel Zippo $7.50
CIG0017 CIGARETTE MAKER, Complete Boxed Set $7.50CIG0018 CIGARETTE PACK, Assorted $5CIG0019 CIGARETTE PACK, Carton Assorted $5CIG0020 CIGARETTE PACK, Chungwa Cigarettes $5
CIG0021 CIGARETTE ROLLER, Aged Metal Tin $6.25CIG0022 CIGARETTE TIN, Assorted $3.75CIG0023 CIGARETTE TIN, Chesterfield $3.75CIG0024 CIGARETTE TIN, Metal Tobacco Tin - Assorted $3.75
CIG0025 CIGARETTE TIN, Orange Capstan $3.75CIG0026 CIGARETTE TIN, Red Benson and Hedges $3.75CIG0027 CIGARETTE TIN, Wee Willem $3.75CIG0028 CIGARETTE TIN, Yellow State Express Cigarettes $3.75
CIG0029 CIGARETTE, Stage Prop $5MAT0100 MATCH BOOK, V For Victory $2.50MAT0101 MATCH BOX HOLDER, Brass Or Anodised Metal $3MAT0102 MATCH BOX, Assorted $1
MAT0103 MATCH BOX, Beauties Round Box $5MAT0104 MATCH, Oversized 40cm $12.50MAT0105 MATCH, Oversized Lighter 18cm $5PIP0056 PIPE, German Long Stem Vintage $18.75
PIP0050 PIPE STAND (Pipes Additional) $8.75PIP0051 PIPE, Burred Walnut $10PIP0052 PIPE, Clay (Broken) $6.25PIP0053 PIPE, Corn Cob $10
PIP0054 PIPE, Curled $10PIP0055 PIPE, Fat Airway $10PIP0057 PIPE, Hash Or Marijuana $3.75PIP0058 PIPE, Hexagonal $10
PIP0059 PIPE, Parker Bruyere $10PIP0060 PIPE, Sherlock Holmes Style - Plastic $10PIP0061 PIPE, Tapered $15ASH0006 ASHTRAY, Smokers Stand - 1920's Chrome $15
ASH0007 ASHTRAY, Smokers Stand - 1920's Cream Bakelite and Chrome $15ASH0008 ASHTRAY, Smokers Stand - Black Spanish Lady $12.50ASH0009 ASHTRAY, Smokers Stand - Turned Timber $15ASH0010 ASHTRAY, Smokers Stand - Wooden Pedestal w Side Table $18.75
Smoking and Ashtrays

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