Tableware - Mid Century Teak / Island Style

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BOW0160 BOWL, Teak - Large $12.50BOW0161 BOWL, Teak Carved Salad Bowl $7.50BOW0162 BOWL, Teak Salad Bowl $7.50BOW0163 BOWL, Teak Wood Wheel Barrow $7.50
Wooden Bowls AssortedBOW0180 BOWL, Wooden Bowl - Medium $5BOW0181 BOWL, Wooden - Small $5BOW0182 BOWL, Wooden Small - Medium Assorted $5
CAN0060 CANDLESTICK, Retro Wood Gold Tip Pair $5CAN0061 CANDLESTICK, Wood Pair $5CON0040 CONDIMENT TRAY, Teak Butter Dish $6.25DEC0056 DECOR, Teak Leaf Dish w Lid $6.25
DEC0057 DECOR, Wood Carving - Ex Small $6.25BOW0032 BOWL, Fruit Bowl on Raised Wooden Pedestal $7.50PLA0204 PLATE, 1950's Brown Plastic Crosshatch $6.25PLA0205 PLATE, Tiki Carved Saucer $3.75
PLA0090 PLATTER, 1950's Teak Platter w Green Red Handle $12.50PLA0091 PLATTER, 1950's Teak Platter w Knob $7.50PLA0092 PLATTER, 1950's Teak  Platter w Yellow Handle $12.50Wooden Platters Assorted
PLA0093 PLATTER, Teak Plate $7.50PLA0094 PLATTER, Teak Round Compartment $10PLA0095 PLATTER, Wooden Lazy Susan $10PLA0096 PLATTER, Woodgrain $10
PUN0053 PUNCH BOWL SET, Wooden Tiki Style (12 Piece) $30SER0020 SERVER PAIR, Carved Tiki Style - Ex Large $10SER0021 SERVER PAIR, Teak Danish $5SER0022 SERVER PAIR, Teak $4.50
SER0040 SERVING BOWL SET, Wooden Tiki Style (14 Piece) $30Long Teak Serving Dishes Assorted $7.50 eachSER0004 SERVING DISH, Long Wooden Boat or Pod $7.50SER0005 SERVING DISH, long Wooden Bread Tray $7.50
SER0006 SERVING DISH, Long Wooden Tray w Feet $7.50SER0007 SERVING DISH, Teak Assorted - Small $5SER0008 SERVING DISH, Teak Fish - Medium $6.25SER0009 SERVING DISH, Teak Leaf - Large $7.50
SER0010 SERVING DISH, Teak Leaf - Medium $6.25SER0011 SERVING DISH, Teak Pineapple - Large $7.50SER0012 SERVING DISH, Teak Pineapple w Shell Inlay $7.50SER0013 SERVING DISH, Teak Pineapple $6.25
TAN0002 TANKARD, Wooden Mug $3.75TRA0094 TRAY, Slatted Wood w Feet $6.25TRA0095 TRAY, Teak Compartment Shell Inlay $15TRA0096 TRAY, Teak Compartment Woven Handle $12.50
TRA0097 TRAY, Teak Compartment $12.50TRA0098 TRAY, Teak Round $10VAS0005 VASE, Teak Cylinder $7.50WAL0103 WALL PLAQUE, Wooden Inlay Island Life - Small $7.50
WAL0104 WALL PLAQUE, Wooden Inlay Still Life $10

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.