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ART0027 ARTWORK, Nursery or Kids Bedroom $4BAL0031 BALL, Kid's $3.75BLA0028 BLACKBOARD, Pencil Design $6.25BLO0020 BLOCKS, Large Plastic Duplo Style in Yellow Tub $12.50
BLO0021 BLOCKS, Lego Castle (Box Lot) $12.50BLO0022 BLOCKS, Plastic in Yellow Bucket $7.50BLO0023 BLOCKS, Stacking Set - Yellow Train $6.25BLO0024 BLOCKS, Wooden Alphabet Building Block - Blue $1.25
BLO0025 BLOCKS, Wooden Alphabet in Blue Bucket $12.50BLO0026 BLOCKS, Wooden Building Block (Box Lot) $25BLO0027 BLOCKS, Wooden Building Block (Per Piece) $0.25GAM0003 GAME, Board Game - Backgammon Set in Black Case $12.50
GAM0004 GAME, Board Game - Backgammon Set in Tan Case $12.50Backgammon Set in Tan Case DetailGAM0018 GAME, Backgammon Set in Wooden Case $10GAM0005 GAME, Board Game - Red and Black in Black Case $10
GAM0019 GAME, Chess Board - Glass $7.50GAM0020 GAME, Chess Board - Large Leather $12.50GAM0006 GAME, Board Game - Chess Board (Folding) $7.50GAM0021 GAME, Chess Piece, Draughts, Scrabble Tiles $6.25
GAM0007 GAME, Board Game - Chess Piece (Glass) $0.25GAM0008 GAME, Board Game - Chess Piece (Large Plastic) $0.25GAM0009 GAME, Board Game - Chess Piece (Wooden) $0.25GAM0010 GAME, Board Game - Game of Halma Folding Board $7.50
BOO0007 BOOTS, Kids Wellingtons or Gumboots - Coloured Pair $6.25BOX0031 BOX, Jewellery, Trinket or Stationery (suits girls bedroom) $1.25BOX0032 BOX, Music Box - Vintage with Dancer $12.50BOX0033 BOX, Vintage Hosiery 'Red Robin' $6.25
CAS0216 CASETTE PLAYER, Plastic Goose (Not Working) $12.50CHA0021 CHAIR, Kids Plastic $7.50DOL0007 DOLL, Baby - Realistic Girl in White Onesie 42cm L $12.50DOL0008 DOLL, Baby - Realistic in Floral Onesie 56cm L $12.50
DOL0009 DOLL, Baby - Realistic in Blue Onesie 56cm L $12.50DOL0010 DOLL, Baby - Toy in Pink 52cm L $5DOL0012 DOLL, Period Toy in Red Onesie 32cm L $10DOL0013 DOLL, Period Toy in Grey Suit w Pink Hair 19cm L $10
DOL0003 DOLL, Assorted $3.75DOL0004 DOLL, Baby Born Doll (style 2) $10DOL0005 DOLL, Baby Born Doll $10DOL0006 DOLL, Baby Doll - Small $10
DOL0015 DOLL, Baby w Blonde Hair $12.50Barbie Style Doll CollectionDOL0016 DOLL, Barbie Style $3.75DOL0017 DOLL, Cabbage Patch - Blonde Curls $12.50
DOL0018 DOLL, Cabbage Patch - Brown $12.50DOL0019 DOLL, Classic - Medium $6.25DOL0020 DOLL, Dolls Head - Ceramic $7.50DOL0021 DOLL, Dolls Head - Vintage $10
DOL0022 DOLL, Fabric Pink Dress $6.25DOL0023 DOLL, Kewpie Style on Bamboo Can $12.50DOL0024 DOLL, Rag Doll in Blue Overalls $7.50DOL0025 DOLL, Rag Doll in Red Dress - Ex Large $10
DOL0026 DOLL, Rag Doll in Yellow Dress $7.50DOL0027 DOLL, Scary Clown Doll in Blue Suit - Large $12.50DOL0028 DOLL, Vintage Brown in Blue Dress $18.75DOL0029 DOLL, Vintage Brown in Spot Dress $18.75
DOL0030 DOLL, Vintage Crochet - Small $10DOL0011 DOLL, Period Toy in Gingham Dress 54cm L $12.50DOL0031 DOLL, Vintage in Mustard Velvet Coat $12.50DOL0032 DOLL, Dress Ups - Assorted Dolls Clothes $1.25
DOL0033 DOLL'S HOUSE, Large Wooden - Painted $22.50DOL0034 DOLL'S PRAM, Pink Folding $6.25DRE0030 DRESS UP, Drinking Hat - Pink $7.50DRE0031 DRESS UP, Fairy Wings w Glitter $3.75
DRE0032 DRESS UP, Fairy Wings - Pink $3.75DRE0033 DRESS UP, Mask - White Paper Mache $6.25DRE0034 DRESS UP, Novelty Head Bands & Bunny Ears $2.50DRE0035 DRESS UP, Novelty Mask $2.50
DRE0036 DRESS UP, Various Hats, Helmets, Acessories $3.75GAM0011 GAME, Barrel of Monkeys $5GAM0022 GAME, Boxed Board Game - Contemporary $5GAM0023 GAME, Boxed Board Game - Retro 'Compendium of Games' $7.50
GAM0024 GAME, Boxed Board Game - Retro $7.50GAM0025 GAME, Boxed Board Games - Vintage Draughts, Checkers Totopoly, Lotto, Bingo $7.50GAM0026 GAME, Boxed 'Key Words' $12.50GAM0027 GAME, Boxed Roulette Board Game $7.50
GAM0028 GAME, Boxed 'Super Cricket' Table Top Game $5GAM0029 GAME, Boxed Travel Board Game $3.75GAM0030 GAME, Assorted Novelty Card Set $2.50GAM0031 GAME, Dice - Assorted $0.25
GAM0032 GAME, Jigsaw Puzzle - Boxed $5GAM0033 GAME, Marbles - Beige Laura Ashley Bag $12.50GAM0034 GAME, Miscellaneous $5GAM0012 GAME, Mr Potato Head Container Only $10
GAM0013 GAME, Mr Potato Head $18.75GAM0035 GAME, Novelty Pin Art $5PLA0063 PLAYING CARDS, Assorted Set  $2.50PLA0064 PLAYING CARDS, C18th Reproduction Set $25
RUB0001 RUBICS CUBE, Assorted 3.75GAM0015 GAME, Vintage Boxed - Tinkertoy, Steady Eddie (not complete) $7.50GAM0016 GAME, Vintage Bozo Bop Bag (Boxed) $12.50GAM0036 GAME, Vintage Domino $10
GAM0037 GAME, Vintage Dominoes - Boxed Orange Red $10GAM0038 GAME, Vintage Dominos - Boxed Black Red $10GAM0039 GAME, Vintage Dominos - Boxed in Faux Snake Skin Print $10GAM0040 GAME, Vintage Draughts - Boxed Red $10
GAM0041 GAME, Vintage Draughts - Jar $10GAM0042 GAME, Vintage Lincoln Logs, Boxed $12.50GAM0043 GAME, Vintage Puzzle Blocks - Boxed $12.50GAM0044 GAME, Wooden Labyrinth $10
GAM0017 GAME, Wooden Peg Solitaire $6.25GIR0001 GIRL'S ACCESSORIES, Assorted Jewellery, Head Bands etc $0.50GIR0002 GIRL'S BEDROOM PROPS, Assorted $2.50HEA0052 HEAD, Blue Plastic Phantom (Lolly Jar) $18.75
HOB0001 HOBBY HORSE, Brown Fur $7.50JAC0020 JACK IN THE BOX, Fisherprice (Broken Lid) $7.50JAC0021 JACK IN THE BOX, Metal $7.50MOD0001 MODEL AIRPLANE, Blue Metal 1m L $55
MON0047 MONEY BOX, Piggy Bank $3.75MAR0004 MARACA, Coloured Wood $2TAM0003 TAMBOURINE, Kids w Frog $5NUR0001 NURSERY MOBILE, Cows $5
NUR0002 NURSERY TOY, Fisherprice Style $6.25NUR0003 NURSERY TOY, Assorted $3.75Nursery ToysNUR0004 NURSERY PROPS, Assorted $2.50
NUR0005 NURSING BAG, Navy Patchwork Nappy Bag $5PUP0001 PUPPET HEAD, (Punch) Aged Plaster $7.50PUP0002 PUPPET, Vintage Hand Puppet $7.50PUP0004 PUPPET, Retro w Guitar $18.75
PUP0003 PUPPET, Retro $18.75ROC0050 ROCKING HORSE, Brown and White Fur $18.75ROC0051 ROCKING HORSE, Brown Wooden $18.75SKA0010 SKATES, Rollerskates Retro (Pair) $18.75
SKI0010 SKIPPING ROPE, Coloured Plastic Assorted $3.75SKI0011 SKIPPING ROPE, Coloured Wood Assorted $6.25SKI0012 SKIPPING ROPE, Leather $10SKI0013 SKIPPING ROPE, Plastic Orange ex Long $4.50
SKI0014 SKIPPING ROPE, Wooden Vintage $7.50Soft Toy CollectionSOF0001 SOFT TOY, Ex Small $2.50SOF0002 SOFT TOY, Fabric Style $6.25
SOF0003 SOFT TOY, Fur Animals Assorted $6.25SOF0004 SOFT TOY, Kangaroo w Cork Hat $12.50SOF0005 SOFT TOY, Knitted (Pink) - Vintage $6.25SOF0006 SOFT TOY, Knitted Assorted (Small - Med) $6.25
SOF0007 SOFT TOY, Knitted Bear (Pink) - Vintage $7.50SOF0008 SOFT TOY, Knitted Bear w Mint Green Bloomers $7.50Soft Toy Knitted CollectionSOF0009 SOFT TOY, Knitted Dinosaur $10
SOF0010 SOFT TOY, Knitted Man w Beard $10SOF0011 SOFT TOY, Knitted Poodle $6.25SOF0012 SOFT TOY, Koala $6.25SOF0013 SOFT TOY, Piglet $6.25
SOF0014 SOFT TOY, Teddy Bear Assorted $6.25SOF0015 SOFT TOY, Teddy in Knitted Lady Bird Outfit $6.25SOF0016 SOFT TOY, Vintage Bunny Rabbit w Orange Blue Pants $10SOF0017 SOFT TOY, Vintage Dog (worn side) $7.50
TOY0003 TOY BOAT, Large $6.25TOY0004 TOY CAR, Large Green VW Beetle Model $7.50TOY0005 TOY CAR, Large Red Corvette Model $7.50TOY0006 TOY CAR, Match Box Style $0.75
TOY0007 TOY CAR, Red Wooden Pick Up Truck  $7.50TOY CAR, Small - Medium Assorted (Box Lot) $25TOY0008 TOY CAR, Small - Medium Assorted Car, Truck, Motorbike, Digger $1.25TOY0009 TOY CAR, Large $6.25
TOY0010 TOY CAR, Remote Control Style $12.50TOY0011 TOY GUN, Large Plastic $6.25TOY0012 TOY PLANE, Assorted $3TOY0013 TOY STORAGE, Green Mesh $6.25
TOY0014 TOY STORAGE, Large Blue Plastic Tub w Lid $6.25TOY0015 TOY, Action Man - Assorted Styles and Accessories $5TOY0016 TOY, Horse $6.25TOY0017 TOY, Plastic Dinosaur and Accessories (Box Lot) $25
TOY0018 TOY, Plastic Dinosaur and Accessories $1.25TOY0019 TOY, Plastic Farm Animal (Box Lot) $25TOY0020 TOY, Plastic Farm Animal $1.25TOY0021 TOY, Plastic Figurine - Assorted Small Soldiers and Other $0.50
TOY0022 TOY, Plastic Figurine, Assorted Small Soldiers etc (Box Lot) $15TOY0024 TOY, Plastic Figurine - Assorted Super Heroes and Villains $2.50TOY0025 TOY, Plastic, Insect, Bug, Frog, Lizard etc $1.25
TOY0026 TOY, Plastic Mini Collectables and Figurines $1.25TOY0027 TOY, Plastic Whales, Shark, Dolphin, (Box Lot) $25TOY0028 TOY, Plastic Whales, Shark, Dolphin $3TOY0029 TOY, Plastic Zoo Animal (Box Lot) $25
TOY0030 TOY, Plastic Zoo Animal $1.25TOY0031 TOY, Pull Along Dog - Retro w Red Wheels $7.50TOY0032 TOY, Pull Along Dog - Wooden w Spot $6.25TOY0033 TOY, Pull Along Duck - Wooden $6.25
TEA0040 TEA SET, Plastic Toy (Box Lot) $25TEA0041 TEA SET, Plastic Toy (Per Piece) $0.50TRA0210 TRAIN SET, Wooden IKEA $7.50TOY0034 TOY TRUCK, Large Fisherprice Style - Plastic $6.25
TOY0035 TOY TRUCK, Large Plastic - Red Blue Yellow $7.50TOY0036 TOY TRUCK, Large Tonka - Yellow Metal $18.75TOY0037 TOY TRUCK, Large Tonka Style - Yellow Metal $18.75TOY0038 TOY, Vintage Bear - Rubber $12.50
TOY0039 TOY, Vintage Bendy Snake $7.50TOY0040 TOY, Vintage Car - Metal $7.50TOY0041 TOY, Vintage Cowboy Hairbrush and Mirror Set $7.50TOY0042 TOY, Vintage Dog (Terrier) - Rubber $7.50
TOY0043 TOY, Vintage Dog (Sitting) - Rubber $7.50TOY0044 TOY, Vintage Pedalling Duck - Metal $7.50TOY0045 TOY, Vintage Spinning Top, Metal $7.50TOY0046 TOY, Vintage Tambourine - Metal Romper Room $7.50
TOY0047 TOY, Vintage Train, Metal $7.50TOY0048 TOY, Vintage Charley Chimp w Cymbals $7.50TOY0049 TOY, Wooden Animals or Figurines (Small) $2.50TOY0050 TOY, Wooden Assorted $6.25
TOY0051 TOY, Wooden Block Shapes and Box - Vintage $7.50TOY0052 TOY, Wooden Digger $3.75TOY0053 TOY, Wooden Hammer Pegs $7.50TOY0054 TOY, Wooden Pull Along Blocks $7.50
TOY0055 TOY, Wooden Train - Blue Red $10TOY0056 TOY, Wooden Train and Carriage $12.50TOY0057 TOY, Wooden Train w Red Wheels $10TOY0002 TOY, Yoyo - Assorted $3
WHE0006 WHEELBARROW, Vintage Child's Size Painted Red Blue $22.50

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.