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UMB0001 UMBRELLA STAND, Square Lime Green $10UMB0003 UMBRELLA STAND, Square Blue $10UMB0004 UMBRELLA STAND, Round Black $15UMB0005 UMBRELLA STAND, Round Dark Green $8.75
UMB0010 UMBRELLA STAND, Hall Stand - 1940's Brass $15UMB0011 UMBRELLA STAND, Hall Stand - Animal Decoupage $15UMB0012 UMBRELLA STAND, Hall Stand - Blue Fluted $15UMB0013 UMBRELLA STAND, Hall Stand - Brass Lattice $15
UMB0014 UMBRELLA STAND, Hall Stand - Brown Metal $7.50UMB0100 UMBRELLA, Beach - Blue & White $12.50UMB0101 UMBRELLA, Beach - Blue & Yellow $18.75UMB0102 UMBRELLA, Beach - Red, White & Blue $12.50
UMB0104 UMBRELLA, Beach - Navy, Red, Yellow, White Stripe with Fringe (2m High) $22.50UMB0105 UMBRELLA, Beach - Red & White Stripe with Fringe (2m High) $22.50UMB0106 UMBRELLA, Beach - Three Tone Blue Stripe (Has a Tear) $18.75UMB0107 UMBRELLA, Beach - Three Tone Green Stripe $18.75
UMB0109 UMBRELLA, Beach - Three Tone Blue Vintage $22.50UMB0110 UMBRELLA, Beach - Bright Multicolour Stripe $18.75UMB0111 UMBRELLA, Beach - Aqua, Red & Yellow  $18.75UMB0113 UMBRELLA, Beach - Green with Yellow Daisies Vintage $22.50
UMB0114 UMBRELLA, Beach - Red & White Stripe $18.75UMB0115 UMBRELLA, Beach - Faded Red, White & Blue Vintage $18.75UMB0116 UMBRELLA, Beach - 1980s Floral, Mauve  $22.50UMB0117 UMBRELLA, Beach - Primary Colours $12.50
UMB0118 UMBRELLA, Beach - Vintage Floral, Brown & Yellow with Fringe $22.50UMB0119 UMBRELLA, Beach - Sunset Palms $12.50UMB0120 UMBRELLA, Beach - Two Tone Blue $12.50UMB0121 UMBRELLA, Beach - Navy & White Stripe $18.75
UMB0122 UMBRELLA, Beach - Aqua, Green & White Stripe $18.75UMB0123 UMBRELLA, Beach - Green & Gold $18.75UMB0124 UMBRELLA, Beach - Turquoise $18.75UMB0125 UMBRELLA, Beach - Red & White Mesh (shadecloth) $22.50
UMB0126 UMBRELLA, Beach - Royal Blue & White Stripe $18.75UMB0127 UMBRELLA, Beach - Lime Green $18.75UMB0128 UMBRELLA, Beach - Blue Palm Trees $18.75UMB0129 UMBRELLA, Beach - Red & White $12.50
UMB0130 UMBRELLA, Beach - 1970s Floral Brown, Yellow & Orange $22.50UMB0131 UMBRELLA, Beach - 1980s Purple Swirl $22.50UMB0132 UMBRELLA, Beach - 1970s Floral Green, Purple & Orange $22.50UMB0134 UMBRELLA, Beach - Vintage Pink & Yellow Faded $15
UMB0250 UMBRELLA, Table - Three Tone Green Stripe $12.50UMB0103, UMBRELLA, Beach - Yellow Tropicana $18.75UMB0400 UMBRELLA, Asian - Dark Blue $10UMB0401 UMBRELLA, Asian - Fluro Orange Silk $10
UMB0402 UMBRELLA, Asian - Golden Yellow $10UMB0401 & UMB0402 $10 EachUMB0403 UMBRELLA, Asian - Orange Paper $7.50UMB0404 UMBRELLA, Asian - Light Blue $10
UMB0405 UMBRELLA, Asian - Green $10UMB0407 UMBRELLA, Asian - Vintage Assorted $18.75UMB0408 UMBRELLA, Asian - Vintage Pink (Showing Damage) $15UMB0409 / UMB0406 / UMB0404 $10 Each
UMB0409 UMBRELLA, Asian - White $10UMB0410 UMBRELLA, Asian - Floral UMB0500 UMBRELLA, Australian Flag $10
UMB0501 UMBRELLA, Clear $7.50UMB0502 UMBRELLA, Folding - Ladies Assorted $5UMB0503 UMBRELLA, Folding - Mens Assorted $5UMB0504 UMBRELLA, Folding - Tartan Assorted $5
UMB0505 UMBRELLA, Golf Assorted $10UMB0505 UMBRELLA, Golf Assorted $10UMB0506 UMBRELLA, Kids Assorted $7.50UMB0507 UMBRELLA, Adult Assorted $10
UMB0303 UMBRELLA, Market - Navy & White 2M Square $50UMB0300 UMBRELLA, Market - Dark Green 2.4m Diameter $37.50UMB0301 UMBRELLA, Market - Dark Green 2m Diameter $37.50UMB0302 UMBRELLA, Market - Red 2.7m Diameter $37.50
UMB0508 UMBRELLA, Mens Black $10UMB0509 UMBRELLA, Parasol - Pink $7.50UMB0513 UMBRELLA, White Lace Assorted Sizes $11.25UMB0510 UMBRELLA, Striped $7.50
UMB0512 UMBRELLA, Vintage Mens - Black $20WIN0100 WINDBREAK, Green & Yellow Stripe $22.50WIN0102 WINDBREAK, Grey & Navy Stripe $18.75WIN0101 WINDBREAK, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow Stripe $22.50

*Some props get lost, broken or simply tired. Whilst we try and keep the images current we don’t promise that they are in the same condition.
We highly recommend you come in and sight them for yourself and we don’t take responsibility for an exact colour match, the amount of dust or degree of tarnish or whatever seemingly appeared on your screen. We just thought we better clarify that as we get upset when you’re not happy.