This is the story of The Prop Store, Melbourne. It's seriously the most ridiculous fun!

About The Prop Store

One crazy idea, a vintage crate or two, a travel chest, white elephant and a wagon wheel was all that was needed to get this show on the road …. ‘Welcome to The Prop Store’.

The Ringmaster, a successful film industry Production Designer knew what to look for to increase the cache of a ‘hard to find’ but ‘in demand’ prop collection. This was serious business, entertaining as it may seem, ‘just for laughs’ was not part of the program.

Word got out to fellow film troupes that a prop extravaganza had rolled into town. Before long all sorts of acts sought to hire from this ever-expanding showcase of otherwise useless wares.

We’ve squeezed big things into small spaces, balanced tables on top of chairs whilst riding a unicycle for over twenty years and have enough rabbits to pull from just about anywhere! Our irreplaceable collection of over 10,000 somewhat still useless wares, continue to be an invaluable resource and star attraction to the film, arts and events communities often playing centre stage.

Not to mention the who’s who that have rocked, starred, popped and pawed our props and we’re not just talking our favourite set decs, proppettes or stylists. We’re talking the show stopping, jaw dropping stars of this world… the Berts, Bonos, Banas, Bolts and Hemsworths!

It was only a matter of time before we had your attention and a full house, that we started to astonish and amaze, excite and delight you with The Prop Store’s unique style. We’re a hard act to follow! From jumping through hoops and playing with fire on film sets to turning our hand to custom designed activations and events, it was all a sideshow. Or perhaps just a case of juggling the same balls in a different ring with some exciting new acts and other clowns!