Arabian Nights

BAG, Turkish Shoulder Bag - Dark Design
BAG, Turkish Shoulder Bag - Light Design
BASKET, Large Open Weave Dark
BASKET, Large Open Weave Hessian Lining
BASKET, Large Open Weave Natural
BASKET, Large Round Brown w Handles
BASKET, Large Tapered 50-60cm
BASKET, Large Weave 50-60cm
BASKET, Linen or Snake Charmer w Lid
BASKET, Round Dark Red 50cm Dia
BIRD, Sequin Glitter Pink / Red
BLANKET, Bedspread - Aqua Green Floral
BLANKET, Bedspread - Gold Cream
BLANKET, Bedspread - Hot Pink Tan Floral (Single)
BLANKET, Bedspread - Pink Tan Floral
BLANKET, Bedspread - Purple Cream Pattern
BLANKET, Bedspread - Rust Brown Orange w Trim
BLANKET (Throw), Velvet Vintage Patchwork
BOTTLE, Genie Style w Stopper
BRASSWARE, Bowl - Etched 21cm
BRASSWARE, Goblet - Assorted
BRASSWARE, Jug  26cm
BRASSWARE, Jug w Handle & Spout Ex Large 49cm
BRASSWARE, Jug w Handle & Spout Ex Large 51cm
BRASSWARE, Mugs - Assorted
BRASSWARE, Pot Assorted Large
BRASSWARE, Pot Assorted Small
BRASSWARE, Pot Blackened - Medium
BRASSWARE, Red Brass Pouring Jug
BRASSWARE, Tray / Platter - Extra Large 75cm
BRASSWARE, Tray / Platter - Extra Large 80cm (Battered)
BRASSWARE, Vase - 24cm
BRASSWARE, Vase - 31cm
BRASSWARE, Vase 36cm
BRASSWARE, Vase - 36cm
BUNTING, Pink Satin & Chiffon - 10m Length
BUNTING, Red & Pink Silks - 6m Length
CANDLE HOLDER, Indian Antique Copper Cylinder 8cm Dia
CANDLE HOLDER, Red Glass w Bead Detail
CANDLE HOLDER, Small Red & Pink Beads
CHAIR, Chaise Regency Stripe - Gold, Red & Navy 2.2m Long
CHAIR, Chaise Velvet - Red 1.7m Long
CHAIR, Peacock Chair - Cane Large 1.5m High
CHAIR, Peacock Chair - Cane Small 90cm High
CHEST, Indian Pressed Metal - Gold 118x55x57cm H
CHEST, Treasure Small Box Brass 15cm
COLUMN, Gold with Minaret Top - 2.4m High
COLUMN, Orange Marble w Gold Top & Base - 3m H x 30cm base
CRYSTAL BALL, Fortune Tellers - on Timber Stand
CURTAIN, Beaded 1970s - Metallic Purple Blue 90cm x 180cm
CURTAIN, Beaded Pink Iridescent Crystal 90cm x 180cm
CURTAIN, Bright Red Crushed Velvet 1.5m x 3m drop
CURTAIN, Dark Red Velour 1.2m x 2.7m drop
CURTAIN, Orange Tab 1.45m x 2.1m drop (to suit screen SCR0007)
CURTAIN, Purple Tab 2.2m x 2.6m drop (to suit screen SCR0007)
CURTAIN, Red Velvet 3m x 3m drop
CUSHION, Indian / Arabian Colourful Assorted
EASEL, Ornate Antique Gold 1.8m High
EASEL, Ornate Metal Dark Copper
FLAGS, Assorted Silk Flags on Bamboo Poles (2 - 2.8m H)
GLASS, Coloured Turkish 14cm Tall - Traditional
GLASS, Coloured Turkish Assorted
GLASS, Coloured Turkish - Traditional
GLASS, Moroccan Coloured Glass w Gold Detail
GLASS, Votive - Tealight Holder - Dark Red
GLASS, Votive - Tealight Holder - Gold & Copper
GREENERY, 1.2m H Kentia Palm
GREENERY, 1.8m H Kentia Palm
HAT, Fez (Arabian)
KEY CUPBOARD, Small Wooden w Iron Front
LAMP, Aladdin - Small Plastic
LAMP, Base (Table) - 1970s Amber Bubble Glass and Brass
LAMP, Base (Table) - 1970s Amber Glass & Brass
LAMP, Base (Table) - Candlestick Style Painted Antique Rust Gold, 75cmH
LAMP, Floor - Moroccan Large 24cm x 120cm H
LAMP, Floor - Moroccan Medium 22cm x 90cm H
LAMP, Floor - Moroccan Small 17cm x 62cm H
LAMPSHADE, Cylinder, Red 30cm H
LAMPSHADE, Ex Small (Clip On) Pink Pleated Organza
LAMPSHADE, Small (Arabian) Red Velvet
LAMPSHADE, Small (Arabian) Red Velvet w Gold Tassel 21cmD x 18cmH
LAMPSHADE, Small (Arabian) Red w Gold Tassel 21cmD x 18cmH
LAMP, Table Lamp - Arabian Assorted
LANTERN (Candle Holder), Tent Shape w Pink Blue Glass - 22cm H
LANTERN, Coloured Glass Star 25cm W
LANTERN, Indian Rustic Lantern Large
LANTERN, Indian Rustic Lantern Medium
LANTERN, Indian Rustic Lantern Small
LANTERN, Moroccan - Amber Glass Large
LANTERN, Moroccan - Amber Glass Medium
LANTERN, Moroccan - Brass w Amber Shade
LANTERN, Moroccan Ex Large 70-80cm (Style 1)
LANTERN, Moroccan Ex Large 70-80cm (Style 2)
LANTERN, Moroccan Ex Large 70-80cm (Style 3)
LANTERN, Moroccan Ex Large 70-80cm (Style 4)
LANTERN, Moroccan Ex Large 70-80cm (Style 5)
LANTERN, Moroccan Large 50-60cm (Style 1)
LANTERN, Moroccan Large 50-60cm (Style 2)
LANTERN, Moroccan Large 50-60cm (Style 3)
LANTERN, Moroccan Large 50-60cm (Style 4)
LANTERN, Moroccan Medium 50-60cm (Style 1)
LANTERN, Moroccan Medium 50-60cm (Style 2)
LANTERN, Moroccan Medium 50-60cm (Style 3)
LANTERN, Moroccan Medium 50-60cm (Style 4)
LANTERN, Moroccan Medium 50-60cm (Style 5)
LANTERN, Moroccan - Red Pink Orange
LANTERN, Moroccan - Silver
LANTERN, Moroccan Small 30-40cm (Style 1)
LANTERN, Moroccan Small 30-40cm (Style 2)
LANTERN, Moroccan Small 30-40cm (Style 3)
LANTERN, Moroccan Small 30-40cm (Style 4)
LANTERN, Moroccan Small 30-40cm (Style 5)
LANTERN, Moroccan - Small Gold Glitter
LANTERN, Moroccan - Small Wired 30-40cm
LANTERN, Morroccan Assorted Coloured Glass 30cm
LANTERNS, Birdcage style, Large 45cm
LANTERNS, Birdcage style, Small 30cm
LANTERN, Small Silver and Coloured GlassĀ 
LANTERN, Triple Tea Light Holder 40cm H
LANTERN, Wicker Large 23 x 53cm H
LIGHTBOX, Moroccan Style
LIGHT, Coloured Glass Hanging Star Lantern
PEDESTAL, Table - Small Altar Style
PETALS, Assorted Colours $5 Handful or $100 Small Box Lot
POT / URN, Rustic 26cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Cream Terracotta 50cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Jug Terracotta - Green 35cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Large 35cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Terracotta - Brown 40cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Terracotta - Green 32m H
RUG #007, Persian 1.8m x 1.2m
RUG #008, Persian, 1.7m x 1.2m
RUG #010, RUNNER - Persian 4m x 95cm (Damaged)
RUG #015, Vintage Faded Pink & Off White 155 x 245cm
RUG #016, Rust & Green 2.3m x 1.6m
RUG #020, Traditional Olive/Gold (well worn) 2.5m x 1.6m
RUG #047, Persian 2.25m x 1.6m
RUG #051, Aztec Brown 3.6m x 2m
RUG #058, Vintage Faded Navy & Olive 245cm Round
RUG #059, Geometric 1930s Style 2m x 1.35m
RUG #075, Rust Red Pattern 2.2m x 1.5m
RUG #076, Arabic Throw 1.5m x 1.2m
RUG #080, Vintage Olive Umber Tones 2.2m x 1.7m
RUG #081, Persian 1m x 60cm
RUG #086, Persian 2.3m x 1.6m
SCREEN, Gold Folding Taj Mahal Cut Out - 1.2m W x 2.4m H (Bifold)
SCREEN, Narrow Gold Folding Taj Mahal Cut Out - 60cm W x 2.4m H (Bifold)
SNAKE, Large - Assorted
SNAKE, Model 48cm H
STOOL, Raw Timber w Leather Woven Seat 32cm H
STOOL, Raw Timber w Leather Woven Seat 40cm H
TABLECLOTH, Runner - Red & Gold 1m Long
TABLECLOTH, Rust Red Hessian 120 x 120cm
TABLE, Coffee Table Gold
TABLE, Coffee Table - Teak
TABLE, Coffee Table w Stencil Top
TABLE MAT, Indian w Gold Border - Blue, Pink or Red
TABLE NUMBERS, Arabian Motif A4
TABLE RUNNER, Indian Red w Gold Border 52 x 150cm
TABLE, Side Table - Gold
TABLE, Side Table - Gold Oval (75 x 42 x 54cmH)
TABLE, Side Table - Gold Round (50 x 51cmH)
TABLE, Side Table - Leather Top Decorative Base (65 x 60cmH)
TASSEL, Curtain Tie Back - Gold
TASSEL, Curtain Tie Back - Multicoloured
TASSEL, Curtain Tie Back - Purple Blue
TRAY, Hammered Oval Brass
TRAY, Rectangular Ornate Wooden Indian or Turkish (Ex Small)
TRAY, Round Ornate Wooden Gold White (Indian or Turkish)
TRAY, Round Ornate Wood Gold Green (Indian or Turkish)
VASE, Terracota Painted Gold 19cm H
WALL HANGING, Mustard Navy
WALL HANGING, Persian Bag w Tassle