Australian Outback

ANIMAL HIDE, Goat (Small)
ANIMAL HIDE, Goat - White Brown
ANIMAL TRAP, Dog Trap 60cm Long
ANIMAL TRAP, Rabbit Trap 30cm Long
ANT HILLS, Styrene Sand - 1m & 1.5m High
BACKDROP, Uluru 4.8m x 2.7m
BARBED WIRE, Roll of Fake Barbed Wire
BARN DOORS, 2.8m Wide x 2.2m High
BARREL, Large - 90cmH
BAR, Rustic 1.6mW x 60cmD x 1.1mH
BILLY, Aluminium
BILLY, Blackened - Assorted
BILLY, w Spout
BIRD, Cockatoo
BIRD, Cockatoo - Metal
BIRD, Kookaburra - Wooden
BLACKBOARD, Large in Rustic Frame - 70cm x 1.5m
BONES, Cow Bones - Leg
BONES, Decayed Cow Bones - Jaw
BONES, Pelvis
BONES, White Cow Bones - Jaw
BOTTLE, Brown Glass Beer Bottle
BOTTLES, Assorted Glass (Brown)
BOULDER, Ex Large - (1mx1.7m H)
BOULDER, Ex Small - (40x40cm H)
BOULDER, Large - (60x90cm H)
BOULDER, Medium - (35x70cm H) or (50x70cm H)
BOULDER, Small - (25x50cm H) or (30x60cm H)
BUCKET, Galvanised Tapered
CAMP FIRE, Large Stacked Fire on Wheels 80cm Dia x 70cmH
CAMP FIRE, Small Stacked Fire 50cm Dia x 50cmH
CAMP SHOVEL, Rusted Metal
CAN, Fuel Can w Long Nozzle - Aged Red Metal
CAN, Jerry Can - 20L Brown
CAN, Jerry Can - 20L Green
CAN, Oil Can - Large Galvanised w Tap
CAN, Oil Can - Pennant Oil w Spout
CAN, Oil Can - Rusted Painted Green
CAN, Oil Can - Rust Painted Shell Can
CAN, Oil Can - Small No Branding
CAN, Oil Can - Vintage Dark Green
CENTREPIECE, Australian Native Arrangement
CRATE, Hessian Covered with Rope Detail, Ex Large
CRATE, Large - Assorted (58 x 57 x 46cm H)
CRATE, Medium - Assorted (66 x 47 x 31cm H)
CRATE, Medium - Rustic with Distressed Paint Finish (can be used as a shelf)
CRATE, Rustic Ochre / Black Paint Finish
CRATE, SA Peters Extra Small (43x13x9cm H)
CRATE, Shed Props and Jars
CRATE, Sherringhams Extra Small (82x13x9cm H)
CRATE, Small - Fruit Crate (50x26x30cm H)
CRATE, Small - Shallow (47x23x15cm H)
CRATE, Vintage - Black and White Deluxe Signage
CRATE, Vintage - Golden Fleece Signage
CRATE, Vintage - Refined Oil Signage
DRUM, Oil Drum - 20L Blue Ampol
DRUM, Oil Drum - 20L BP
DRUM, Oil Drum - 20L Rusted Linseed Oil
DUFFLE BAG, Aged Canvas
DUFFLE BAG, Large Canvas V-Line Linen
DUFFLE BAG, Natural Canvas
ESKY, Mustard Malleys w White Lid
ESKY, Pink White Lid 1950s 1960s
FENCE SECTIONS, Painted Ochre Black - Assorted Lengths
FLAG, Australian - Cotton (Ripped & Aged) 84 x 173cm
GOLD NUGGET, Large 55cm W
GOLD NUGGET, Medium (20cm Approx)
GOLD PANNING , Bowl 40cm D
GREENERY, Moss Bush - Autumn 30cm
HAT, Akubra Style
HAT BOX, Black Ochre Metal
HAT, Bushmans Assorted
HORSESHOE, Rusted Metal
LANTERN, Hurricane - Classic Assorted
OUTHOUSE, Freestanding Outdoor Aussie Dunny
POST BOX, Aged Milk Churn
POT, Large Rusted Round Pan w Handle
POT, Rusted Metal w Lid and Hessian Handle
RIFLE CASE, Brown Canvas
ROCK, Small 20-30cm (Rough Edges)
ROCK, Small 30-40cm
ROCK, Small w Fake Blood Stain
ROPE, Assorted Lengths
SACK, Cotton - Large
SACK, Cotton - Small
SACK, Hessian - Large
SACK, Hessian - Small
SACK, Hessian with Kookaburra Print
SIEVE, Gold Panning - 50cm Aluminium
SIEVE, Gold Panning - Wooden Rim and Mesh (50cm D)
SIEVE, Gold Panning - Wooden Rim w Broken Mesh (50cm D)
SIGN, Maree Hotel Signwritten
SIGN, Motor - Wooden Shell Sign
SIGN, No Trespassing
SIGN, Road Pointer - Australian 80 x 12cm
SIGN, Road Post - White (For Pointer Signs) 2.4m H (50x50cm Base)
SIGN, Road - Queensland State Border Foam Core 1.2m x 40cm
SIGN, Road Sign - Koalas
SIGN, Road Sign - Uluru Pointer 1m x 30cm
SIGN, Store - General Store
SIGN, Store - Iron Monger Hardware
SIGN, Store - Produce Merchant
SKULL, Bull 44 x 70cm
SKULL, Bull 45cm - Resin
SKULL, Cow (Decaying)
SKULL, Ram w Horns
SKULL, Wombat
SPIDER, Redback - 30cm
SPOOL, Cotton Spool Assorted Large
SPOOL, Cotton Spool Assorted Medium
SPOOL, Cotton Spool Assorted Small
SPOOL, Cotton Spool Vintage Cotton Reel
SPOOL, Vintage Wooden Large
STOOL, Bar Stool -  Timber Seat with Angle Iron Legs
STOOL, Rustic - Small (low height)
STOOL, Rustic - Square
SWAG, Brown Canvas w Leather Straps
TENT, Canvas 2.2m Long x 1.5m High
TOOL, Axe - Long Handle
TOOL, Crosscut Saw
TOOL, Hand Tool - Rusted Wool Shears
TOOL, Hand Tool - Small Hand Pick
TOOL, Pick - Mattock End Short Handle
TOOL, Pick Short Handle
TOOL POUCH, Leather - Brown
TOOL POUCH, Leather - Vintage
TOOL, Shovel Long Handle - Rounded End
TRIPOD, Billy Can
TROLLEY, Hand Trolley - Rustic 1920s
TROLLEY, Hand Trolley - Timber Rustic
TUB, Galvanised Oval w Handles
TUB, Galvanised Round
TUB, Green Metal
TUB, Large Beaten Copper
UTENSIL, Large Spoon - Blackened
WATERING CAN, Large Green Metal
WHEELBARROW, Rustic Timber
WINDMILL, 2.9m H x 1.1m W
WINDMILL, Large - 3m H (to top of base) / 3.9m H Overall x 1.4m W
WREATH, Gum Leaves & Berries