Country and Western

ANIMAL HIDE, Calf - White Brown Spot
ANIMAL HIDE, Goat - Brown Tones
ANIMAL HIDE, Goat - Brown (woolly)
ANIMAL HIDE, Goat (Small)
ANIMAL HIDE, Goat - White Brown
ANIMAL HIDE, Pig (Small)
ANT HILLS, Styrene Sand - 1m & 1.5m High
BADGE, Sheriff Badge
BARN DOORS, 2.8m Wide x 2.2m High
BARREL, Half Barrel - Plastic
BARREL, Large - 90cmH
BARREL, Small - 40cmH
BARREL, Small Half Barrel w Tap
BARREL, Small w Leather Shoulder Strap
BARREL, Timber Keg w Tap on Stand
BAR, Rustic 1.6mW x 60cmD x 1.1mH
BASKET, Narrow Wicker (missing base) 30-35cmH
BASKET, Narrow Wicker Tall 45cmH
BLACKBOARD, Large in Rustic Frame - 70cm x 1.5m
BLACKBOARD, Saloon Style on Easel
BLANKET, Bedspread - Blue Floral Brocade
BLANKET, Bedspread - Brown Orange
BLANKET, Bedspread - Green Gold Brocade
BLANKET, Bedspread - Lilac Floral Brocade
BLANKET, Bedspread - Mushroom Brocade
BLANKET, Bedspread - Pink Tan Floral
BLANKET, Bedspread - Salmon Pink Gold Velour
BOTTLE, Brown Glass Beer Bottle
BOTTLE, Glass Vintage
BOTTLE, Large Brown Glass w Stopper
BOTTLES, Assorted Glass (Brown)
BOTTLES, Assorted Glass (Clear w Candle Wax)
BOTTLES, Assorted Glass (Green w Candle Wax)
BOTTLE, Stoneware or Pottery Jug - Green
BOTTLE, Stoneware or Pottery Jug - Small Black
BOTTLE, Stoneware or Pottery Liquor - Miscellaneous
Brown & Cream with
CACTUS, 1.4m High
CACTUS, 1.75m High - Green in Terracotta Pot
CACTUS, 1m High - Green
CACTUS, 1m High - Sun Faded Look
CACTUS, 2.4m High
CACTUS, 3m High
CACTUS, Medium in Terracotta Pot - Assorted
CACTUS, Medium - Round
CACTUS, Painted Blue 1.5m High
CACTUS, Small in Terracotta Pot - Assorted
CACTUS, Spear Leaf 1.3m High
CACTUS, Spear Leaf 1.8m High
CACTUS, Spear Leaf 2.4m High
CAKE STAND, Timber 3 Tier - 65cm H x 50cm Dia
CANDELABRA, Hanging Wrought Iron Wagon Wheel 1m Dia
CENTREPIECE - Wanted Poster on Rustic Timber Base
CHAIR, 1900s Black Leather Seat & Buttoned Back Rest
CHAIR, Cane Chair - Rustic Ochre / Black
CHAIR, Salon Armchair Low - Black and Green Velvet
CRATE, Hessian Covered with Rope Detail, Ex Large
CRATE, Large - Assorted (58 x 57 x 46cm H)
CRATE, Medium - Assorted (66 x 47 x 31cm H)
CRATE, Medium - Rustic with Distressed Paint Finish (can be used as a shelf)
CRATE, Rustic Ochre / Black Paint Finish
CRATE, Small - Fruit Crate (50x26x30cm H)
CRATE, Small - Shallow (47x23x15cm H)
CRATE, Vintage - Bottle Holder
CURTAIN, Brown Velvet w Gold Fringe 1.1m x 3.5m drop
CURTAIN, Rust Stripe 1.2m x 2.1m drop
CURTAIN, Rust Stripe 1.2m x 2.9m drop
CUSHION, Animal Print - Black & White Cow Hide
FAN, Hand Fan Assorted Lace
FENCE SECTIONS, Painted Ochre Black - Assorted Lengths
FLAG, Rosette - Large USA Pleated Cotton Fan 180 x 90cm
GOLD NUGGET, Large 55cm W
GOLD NUGGET, Medium (20cm Approx)
GUITAR, Acoustic - Natural (No Strings)
HAT BOX, Black Ochre Metal
HAT, Cowboy - Novelty Assorted
HOLSTER, Plastic Gun Holster Assorted
HORN, Buffalo (Real)
HORSESHOE, Rusted Metal
LAMPSHADE, Hanging Stained Glass Billiards 70cmD
LAMPSHADE, Victorian (Medium) - Peach Pink Satin w Maroon Trim & Fringe
LAMPSHADE, Victorian (Small) - Dusty Pink Satin w Maroon Trim & Fringe
LAMP, Table Lamp - Amber Glass Base w Pleated Shade
LAMP, Table Lamp - Horn w Ball Shade
LAMP, Table Lamp - Horn w Crystal Shade
LAMP, Table Lamp (Victorian) - Brass Base w Beige Fringed Shade
LAMP, Table Lamp (Victorian) - Brass Base w Opaque Glass and Beaded Shade
LANTERN, Hurricane - Brown Opaque Shade
LANTERN, Hurricane - Classic Assorted
LANTERN, Oil Lamp - Glass Assorted
LANTERN, Oil Lamp - Green Glass
LANTERN, Oil Lamp - Green Glass Small
PIANO, Haunted House Style
PLANTER BOX, Rustic Window Box - Black/Ochre (120 x 15cm H)
POSTER, Framed Outlaw Reward Poster
QUIVER, Black Fabric
RIFLE CASE, Brown Canvas
RIFLE, Plastic Replica
ROCK, Small w Fake Blood Stain
ROPE, Assorted Lengths
ROPE, Box Lot - Thick Lengths
RUG #009 Rust 1.9m x 90cm
RUG #026, Cowhide, Brown/White
RUG #032, Narrow Wool Rug - Orange Stripe 1.15m x 35cm
RUG #033, Narrow Wool Rug - Pink Stripe 2.3m x 60cm
SACK, Cotton - Hard Wheat Flour - Small
SACK, Cotton - Service Brand
SACK, Hessian Ex Large Filled
SACK, Hessian - Large
SACK, Hessian - Medium
SACK, Hessian - PEASCO Print - Large
SADDLE, Western Style
SALOON DOORS, Freestanding Swinging Doorway 2.4m High
SCREEN FABRIC, Red Black Lace Fabric - Use w Dark Timber Bifold Frame (SCR0017)
SCREEN, Timber 3 Fold w Lace Panels
SHELF, Wall Mount Rustic Blackened
SIEVE, Gold Panning - Wooden Rim and Mesh (50cm D)
SIEVE, Gold Panning - Wooden Rim w Broken Mesh (50cm D)
SIGN, Lightbox Buffalo Springs - Large
SIGN, Maree Hotel Signwritten
SIGN, Photo Prop - 'WANTED' 80 x 120cm *1 w/out Cowboy
SIGN, Saloon - Large
SIGN, Saloon - Small
SIGN, Store - General Store
SIGN, Store - Iron Monger Hardware
SIGN, Store - Produce Merchant
SIGN, Toot Toot Cafe
SKULL, Bull 44 x 70cm
SKULL, Bull 45cm - Resin
SKULL, Cow (Decaying)
SKULL, Horse
SKULL, Ram w Horns
STATUE, Cowboy - Lifesize Fibreglass 1.5m High
STATUE, Indian Lady - Lifesize Fibreglass 1.5m High
STONEWARE, Demijohn w Wicker Carrier
STONEWARE, Whiskey Keg
STOOL, Bar Stool -  Dark Timber Seat with Black Iron Legs
STOOL, Bar Stool - Extra Tall Round Seat & Metal Legs
STOOL, Bar Stool - Saddle Seat (Height Adjustable)
STOOL, Bar Stool -  Timber Seat with Angle Iron Legs
SWAG, Brown Canvas w Leather Straps
TABLECLOTH, Red & White 2.5cm Check - 1m x 1m
TABLECLOTH, Red & White 6mm Check - 1.1m x 1.1m
TABLE, Large - Rustic Black & Grey (71 x 74 x 80cmH)
TABLE, Large - Rustic Ochre & Black  (71 x 74 x 80cmH)
TABLE, Side Table - Rusted Iron (Folding)
TABLE, Side Table - Rustic Ochre & Black (40 x 40 x 50cmH)
TABLE, Side Table - Rustic Tripod 70cm H x 51.5cm Diameter
TEE PEE, 1.7m H x 1.5m W (at base)
TEE PEE, Canvas Trio 1.2m / 1.5m / 1.8m Set of 3
TOTEM POLE, 2.7m High Styrene
TROLLEY, Hand Trolley - Rustic 1920s
TROLLEY, Hand Trolley - Timber Rustic
WAGON WHEEL, Medium 80cm Dia
WAGON WHEEL, Original - Large 95cm Dia
WAGON WHEEL, Small 55cm Dia
WAGON WHEEL, Spokes - Rustic 1m Dia
WHEELBARROW, Rustic Timber
WINDMILL, 2.9m H x 1.1m W
WINDMILL, Large - 3m H (to top of base) / 3.9m H Overall x 1.4m W