Cuban and Havana Nights

BAR, 1950s Mustard Padded Vinyl Bar w Buttons (1.2mW x 45cmD x 1mH)
BASKET, Bamboo Storage Medium
BASKET, Barrel Style w Woven Matting Outer
BENCH, Timber - Natural & Yellow 87.5cmL x 24cm x 45cmH
BENCH, Timber - Painted Green 1.1m Long
BICYCLE, Basket Vintage Wicker
BICYCLE, Black Vintage
BICYCLE, Red Malvern Star
BIRDCAGE, Red Wire 55cm
BIRD, Flamingos on Stand - 1950s Featherstone
BIRD, Parrot Assorted Colours - Resin 30cm
BLACKBOARD, Large in Rustic Frame - 70cm x 1.5m
BUOY, Lifering - Vintage
BUOY, Lifering - Vintage Pink Bands
CART, Aqua - Large 2m L x 65cm x 1.8m H
CART, Aqua - Small 103cm L x 70cm x 93cm H (141cm L to end of Handle)
CART CANOPY, Yellow & White Stripe
CART, Off White - Large 2m L x 65cm x 1.8m H
CHAIR, Metal Pressed Stacking Assorted Colours
CHAIR, Peacock Chair - Cane Large 1.5m High
CHAIR, Peacock Chair - Cane Small 90cm High
CHAIR, Steamer Chair - Green, Yellow Vintage
CIGAR BOX, Assorted
COLUMN, Roman Fluted - 2.35m H x 30cm W base
CRATE, Green Storage Box w Rope Handle
CRATE, Large Slatted - Blue (42x56x38cm H)
CRATE, Large Slatted - Green (42x56x38cm H)
CRATE, Large Slatted - Yellow (42x56x38cm H)
CRATE, Medium Slatted - Aqua (36x48x38cm H)
CRATE, Medium Slatted - Pink (36x48x38cm H)
CRATE, Medium Slatted - Yellow (36x48x38cm H)
CRATE, Small - Painted/Coloured
CRATE, Small - Shallow (47x23x15cm H)
CRATE, Small Slatted - Aqua (30x40x20cm H)
CRATE, Small Slatted - Pink (30x40x20cm H)
CRATE, with Cuban Signage
CRATE, with Tropical Signage
CRATE, Yellow Pepsi
CURTAIN, Bamboo - Assorted Painted Design 80cm x 2m
FAN, Table Fan 1920s - Black GEC Gold Blades
FAN, Table Fan 1920s - Black Mapelli
FLOWER SPRAY, Bougainvillea - Hot Pink
FLOWER SPRAY, Bougainvillea - Orange
FLOWER SPRAY, Bougainvillea - Red
FRUIT, Artificial - Tropical Fruit Basket
GREENERY, 1.2m H Kentia Palm
GREENERY, 1.8m H Kentia Palm
GREENERY, Sago Palm Plant 80cm H
GUITAR, Acoustic - Natural (No Strings)
HAT, Mens Sun Hat Australian
LAMP, Base (Floor) - 1950s Wood w Table
LAMPSHADE, 1950s (Large) Pink Ribbon Strip Shade
LANTERN, Asian - Pink Hessian Covered w Timber Handle
LINO, Black & White Check 3m x 3m
RADIO, 1950s Black Chrome Stereo
RADIO, 1950s Cream Little
RADIO, 1950s Pink Astor
RADIO, 1950s Red
SCREEN, BAMBOO 1m x 2m (Horizontal)
SODA SYPHON, Glass Vintage - Assorted
SODA SYPHON, Vintage Glass w Metal Mesh
SUITCASE, Vintage Medium Blue w White Trim Nu-Elite
SUITCASE, Vintage Style - Large Grey w Navy Trim
SUITCASE, Vintage Style - Large Natural Plywood
SUITCASE, Vintage Style - Medium Cream w Green Trim
SUITCASE, Vintage Style - Small Natural Plywood
TABLE, Side Table - Tall Cane 80cmD