AWARD STATUE, 2D Cut Out - 2.4m High (Freestanding)
AWARD TROPHY, 15cm Holding Star
AWARD TROPHY, 18cm Holding Wreath (Star Base)
AWARD TROPHY, 19cm Holding Wreath
AWARD TROPHY, 21cm Holding Star
BARRIER POLE, Brass (Stanchion / Bollard)
BARRIER POLE, Chrome (Stanchion / Bollard)
CAMERA, 1900s Victorian Plate Camera on Wooden Tripod
CAMERA, Vintage Press Camera - 1900s Brown Leather Case
CAMERA, Vintage Press Camera - 1920s Black Case
CENTREPIECE - Red Acrylic Star 35 cm
CHAIR, Directors Chair - Red Canvas & Bamboo (Large Lettering)
CHAIR, Directors Chair - Red Canvas & Bamboo (Small Lettering)
CHAIR, Directors Chair - Red Canvas Black Chair (High)
CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Set of 2
CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Set of 3
CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre, Single
CHAIR, Folding Timber Theatre (Slatted), Set of 3
CLAPPER BOARD, Extra Large - 1.4m x 1.6m High
CLAPPER BOARD, Medium - 29cm Wide
CLAPPER BOARD, Medium Original Aged Timber - 38cm Wide
CLAPPER BOARD, Small - 20cm Wide
CLAPPER BOARD, Small Original - 20cm Wide
CURTAIN, Dark Red Velour 3.2m x 2.2m drop
CURTAIN, Nude Chiffon
CURTAIN, Red Velvet 3m x 3m drop
CURTAIN, Red Velvet Swag w Fringing
EASEL, Ornate Antique Gold 1.8m High
EASEL, Ornate Metal Dark Copper
FILM CAN, Hollywood Large Metal 28cm
FILM CAN, Hollywood Small Metal 19cm
FILM CAN, Large Metal 28cm
FILM CAN, Small Metal 19cm
FILM REEL, Large Plastic Gold 31cm
FILM REEL, Medium Metal Gold 25cm
FILM REEL, Medium Plastic Gold 25cm
FILM REEL, Small Plastic Gold 18cm
HOLLYWOOD Walk of Fame Stars A4 Laminated
LOGIE, Small Gold - TV Week
LOGIE, Small Silver - TV Week
MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Black Plastic 33cm
MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Cream Metal
MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Large Red
MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Long Red Plastic
MEGAPHONE, (Loudhailer) Red Metal Vintage
PEDESTAL, Baroque Black & Gold w Mirror Panels 1.2m H
POPCORN BAGS, Classic Red & White
POPCORN, Bucket - Large Red White Stripe
POPCORN, Bucket Square Plastic - Red White Stripe
POPCORN, Packaging - Assorted
POSTER, Translucent Movie Lightbox Posters Assorted
RUG #024, RUNNER - Red Carpet 3.6m x 1m
SIGN, Cart Sign - Popcorn
SIGN, 'EXIT' Deco Style (Box Only) 44 x 12 x 21cm H
SIGN - Ticket Lightbox w Arrow (Battery Operated)
TICKET, Waverley Cinema Vintage
USHER TRAY, Candy or Apples