Horror and Halloween

ANIMAL TRAP, Bear Trap Prop 95cm Long
ANIMAL TRAP, Dog Trap 60cm Long
BACKDROP, Library - 4.8m wide x 2.7m drop
BARBED WIRE, Roll of Fake Barbed Wire
BARN DOORS, 2.8m Wide x 2.2m High
BAR, Rustic 1.6mW x 60cmD x 1.1mH
BAT, Rubber - 27cm Wingspan
BIRDCAGE, Black Victorian 3 Tier
BIRDCAGE COVER, for Ornate Large Cage
BIRDCAGE, Ornate - Large
BONES, Bulk Lot in Open Basket w Rope
BONES, Bulk Lot in Small Case w Velvet & Skulls
BONES, Decayed Cow Bones - Jaw
BONES, Oversized Theatrical w Fur & Blood (75cm - 1mL)
BONES, Pelvis
BONES, Plastic Arms Hands & Legs
BOOK, Assorted Old (Hire by the metre)
BOOK, Large Book of Fate - 80cmH
BOOK, Large Older Style - Single Hire
BOOK, Large Styrene 30cmH
BOOK, Large w Olive and Gold Detail
BOOK, Set of 1920s Encyclopaedia (By the Metre)
BOOK, Small Book of Fate - 30cmH
BOTTLE, Glass Skull w Cork
BOTTLES, Assorted Glass (Clear w Candle Wax)
BOTTLES, Assorted Glass (Green w Candle Wax)
BOTTLES, Potion - Assorted
CANDELABRA, Floor Standing Ornate Turned Gold Metal 2.5mH
CANDELABRA, Hanging Wrought Iron Wagon Wheel 1m Dia
CANDELABRA, Standing Black 13 Arm (Fits Tapered Candles)
CANDELABRA, Standing Black 7 Arm (Fits Tapered Candles) 80cmH
CANDELABRA, Standing Metal 6 Arm w Centre Finial
CANDELABRA, Standing Rusted Wrought Iron 2 Arm
CANDLE HOLDER, Blackened/Brass Wall Sconce
CANDLESTICK, Pair - Silver and Brass 28cm
CANDLESTICK, Pair - Silver Hexagonal 26cm
CAULDRON, Large Fibreglass - 1m Dia
CAULDRON, Small Styrene - 50cm Dia
CHAIR, Chesterfield Wingback - Brown
CHAIR, Rocking Chair - Classic Timber
CHAIR, Salon Armchair Low - Black and Green Velvet
CHEST, Large Aged Rust and Rivet Detail 88x45x55cm H
CHEST, Small Black Metal 64cm L
CLOCK, Grandfather Clock - Small Vintage
COFFIN, Brown Veneer - Very Aged 1.9m L x 32cm H
COFFIN, Large Mahogany Stain w Silver Handles - 2.1m L x 41cm H
COFFIN, Mahogany Stain w Silver Handles 2m L x 32cm H
CURTAIN, Brown Velvet w Gold Fringe 1.1m x 3.5m drop
CURTAIN, Pair Green Velvet 1.3m x 2.3m drop
DECANTER, Assorted Glass / Crystal
DRAWERS, Small 3 Drawer Unit - Faux Croc Leather
FIREPLACE MANTLE, Stained timber w Oval Mirror
GATE LIGHTS, Pair of Freestanding Coach Lights for Gate (GAT0001)
GATES, Black and Gold Scroll Freestanding Gate or Fence Post 300mm W x 2.1 H
GATES, Black and Gold Scroll Gate or Fence Section 48cm W x 2.1m H
GATES, Black and Gold Scroll Gate or Fence Section 63cm W x 2.1m H
GATES, Black and Gold Scroll Gate or Fence Section 78cm W x 2.1m H
GATES, Black and Gold Scroll Gate or Fence Section on Faux Stone Base 75cm x 2m H
GATES, Black Pillars & Gold Gates Freestanding 2.9m W x 1.8m H
GREENERY, Ivy - Holland Ivy Hanging Bush 72cm
GREENERY, Ivy - Sage Ivy Bush 115cm
GREENERY, Ivy - Sage Ivy Bush 180cm
GREENERY, Tarzan Vine (Strands Intertwined - 2m L)
HANGMAN, Noose - Assorted
HAT BOX, Black Ochre Metal
HEADSTONE, Ex Large 82cm W x 25cm D x 1530cm H - Hogwarts
HEADSTONE, Extra Small - Assorted
HEADSTONE, Large - 1721-97 (62x120cm H)
HEADSTONE, Large - Ainsworth (180cm H)
HEADSTONE, Large - Curved Top (170cm H)
HEADSTONE, Large - ED Bat (60x120cm H)
HEADSTONE, Large - Granite Rest in Peace (100cm H)
HEADSTONE, Large - Pointed Arch William Raymond (75x100cm H)
HEADSTONE, Large - Rebecca w Broken Top (75x130cm H)
HEADSTONE, Large - RIP (54x118cm H)
HEADSTONE, Large - Rounded Top Relief of Wings (75x100cm H)
HEADSTONE, Large - w Cross (70x110cm H)
HEADSTONE, Large - w Cross RIP (90x120cm H)
HEADSTONE, Large - Winged Gargoyle (62x120cm H)
HEADSTONE, Medium - Curled Arch w Cross (100cm H)
HEADSTONE, Medium - Pointed Arch (100cm H)
HEADSTONE, Small (58cm H)
HEADSTONE, Small Cross (64cm H)
HEADSTONE, Small Cross RIP (60cm H)
KETTLE, Cast Iron - Large
KEY CUPBOARD, Small Wooden w Iron Front
KEY SET, Antique Cast Iron Set of 5
KNIFE, Plastic Bloodied 48cm L
LAMP, Table Lamp - Small w Black Shade
LAMP, Table Lamp (Victorian) - Brass Base w Beige Fringed Shade
LANTERN, Blackened Coach Light
LANTERN, Hurricane - Red Bloodied
LANTERN, Hurricane - Tealights Large
LANTERN, Hurricane - Tealights Small
LANTERN, Oil Lamp - Glass Assorted
LANTERNS, Birdcage style, Large 45cm
LANTERNS, Birdcage style, Small 30cm
MIRROR, Cracked Mantle Mirror
PIANO, Haunted House Style
POT, Cast Iron Extra Large
POT, Cast Iron - Large w Handle
POT, Cast Iron - Small w Handle
POT, Oval Cast Iron Large
POT, Oval Cast Iron Medium
POT, Round Cast Iron Black pot w Lid
POT, Round Cast Iron Pot w Lid
POT, Rusted Metal w Lid and Hessian Handle
PUMPKIN, Jack O Lantern 20cm Hardcoated Foam
PUMPKIN, Jack O Lantern 21cm
PUMPKIN, Jack O Lantern 21cm Hardcoated Foam
PUMPKIN, Jack O Lantern 60cm with LED
PUMPKIN, Small Hessian Halloween Scream Pumpkin 30cm
ROCK, Small w Fake Blood Stain
ROPE, Hook Attached
ROPE, Pulley Attached
ROPE, Thick Length (Single)
SIGN, Door Plaque - Halloween Enter
SIGN, Door Plaque - Halloween Scream
SIGN, Harry Potter Leaky Cauldron Acrylic
SIGN, Harry Potter Leaky Cauldron (Blackboard Style)
SIGN, No Trespassing
SKELETON, Decomposing Corpse
SKELETON, Mummified Corpse (Hanging)
SKULL, Crazy Doctor
SKULL, Extra Small Plastic
SKULL, Gold w Black Lace
SKULL, Green Ghoulish
SKULL, Large Head (40cm Dia) - Hanging w Muslim 1.2m Long
SKULL, Mexican Day of the Dead - Styrene
SKULL, Oversized 40cm Styrene
SKULL, Scary Horror Mummy Style 30cm
SKULL, Silver w Black Lace
SKULL, Standard Size - Brown Cracked
SKULL, Standard Size - Grey Plastic
SKULL, Standard Size - Grey Styrene
SPIDER, Assorted Plastic
SPIDER, Hairy Black - 15cm
SPIDER, Redback - 30cm
SPIDER, Tarantula - 20cm
STAND, (Bird Stand) Height Adjustable Wrought Iron
STAND, Wrought Iron (for Pot or Cauldron)
STONE BLOCK, 30x30x120cm
STONE RUINS, Freestanding Stone Wall 120cm W x 240cm H
STONEWARE, Demijohn w Wicker Carrier
SUITCASE / LUGGAGE, Leather Case Extra Large (32x50x84cm L)
TABLE, Large - Rustic Black & Grey (71 x 74 x 80cmH)
TABLE, Large - Rustic Ochre & Black  (71 x 74 x 80cmH)
TABLE, Side Table - Rustic Ochre & Black (40 x 40 x 50cmH)
TAXIDERMY, Deer with Antlers
TAXIDERMY, Goat Head White on Wooden Plaque
TOOL, Axe - Long Handle
TOOL, Crosscut Saw
TOOL, Hand Tool - Rusted Wool Shears
TOOL, Shovel Long Handle - Dark Brown
TORCH, Firestick
WINDOWS, Stained Glass - Freestanding 50cm W x 2m H
WREATH, Funeral - Assorted