Jungle and Tribal

ANIMAL HIDE, Calf - White Brown Spot
ANIMAL HIDE, Faux Animal Fur w Barramundi Detail 2m x 1.5m
ANIMAL HIDE, Goat - Brown Tones
ANIMAL HIDE, Goat - Brown (woolly)
ANIMAL HIDE, Goat (Small)
ANIMAL HIDE, Goat - White Brown
ANIMAL HIDE, Pig (Small)
ANIMAL HIDE, Sheepskin - Cream
BAG, Tribal Storage Pouch
BAG, Tribal Storage Pouch - Grey suede w Stripe
BAG, Tribal Storage Pouch in Barramundi Skin
BAG, Tribal Storage Pouch w Plaited Rope Detail
BAG, Tribal Storage Style w Barramundi Shoulder Strap
BAG, Tribal Storage Style w Reptile Skin Detail
BARK PAINTING, Small Assorted
BARK PAINTING, Style 1 - 2m x 4m
BARK PAINTING, Style 2 - 2m x 4.2m
BARK PAINTING, Style 3 - 1.5m x 1.8m
BASKET, Large Open Weave Dark
BASKET, Large Open Weave Hessian Lining
BASKET, Large Open Weave Natural
BASKET, Shallow African Style 1
BASKET, Shallow African Style 2
BASKET, Shallow Island Style w Handles
BASKET, Shallow Large Bamboo Wicker w Handles - 60cm Dia
BASKET, Shallow Large Woven
BASKET, Woven Reeds 35cm Dia
BONES, Oversized Theatrical w Fur & Blood (75cm - 1mL)
BONES, Pelvis
BOULDER, Ex Large - (1mx1.7m H)
BOULDER, Ex Small - (40x40cm H)
BOULDER, Large - (60x90cm H)
BOULDER, Medium - (35x70cm H) or (50x70cm H)
BOULDER, Small - (25x50cm H) or (30x60cm H)
BOW, Large
BOWL, Large Rustic w Fish Rim
BOWL, Terracotta Assorted
BOWL, Wooden Assorted Rustic Styles (Small)
BOWL, Wooden - Honeycomb Detail
BOWL, Wooden - Rustic
BOWL, Wooden - w Outer Lip
BOWL, Wooden Woven Rim Detail 40cm
BUNTING, Tibetan Prayer Flag Bunting (Large Aged)
BUNTING, Tibetan Prayer Flag Bunting (Small Plain)
CAULDRON, Large Fibreglass - 1m Dia
CAULDRON, Small Styrene - 50cm Dia
CENTREPIECE - Tropical Green Flame
CENTREPIECE - Tropical Orange Flame
CRATE, Hessian Covered with Rope Detail, Ex Large
CRATE, Large - Assorted (58 x 57 x 46cm H)
CRATE, Medium - Assorted (66 x 47 x 31cm H)
CUP, Bamboo
CUSHION, Animal Print - Black & White Cow Hide
CUSHION, Animal Print - Leopard 1
CUSHION, Animal Print - Leopard 2
CUSHION, Animal Print - Tiger 1
CUSHION, Animal Print - Tiger 2
CUSHION, Animal Print - Tiger Leopard
CUSHION, Animal Print - Tiger Picture
CUSHION, Green w Fern Leaves 45cm
DOLL, Voodoo - Small Idol
DRUMSTICK, Large Tribal Style
DRUM, Tribal Bongo - Medium
DRUM, Tribal Bongo - Small
DRUM, Tribal Extra Large 1.2m Diameter
FABRIC, Animal Prints (Assorted Lengths)
FABRIC, Calico w Fern Print
FABRIC, Cheesecloth Lengths - Assorted
FABRIC, Small Leopard Print Table Cloth or Runner
GOURD, Water Storage w Lid Assorted
GREENERY, 1.2m H Kentia Palm
GREENERY, 1.8m H Kentia Palm
GREENERY, 1.9m H Bamboo
GREENERY, Banana Palm w Feathers & Parrots 2.4m H x 1.8m W
GREENERY, Birds Nest Fern Leaf
GREENERY, Boston Fern 45cm
GREENERY, Gymea Leaf 109cm
GREENERY, Lush Dieffenbachia - 40cm Spray
GREENERY, Monsteria Leaf 102cm
GREENERY, Sago Palm Plant 80cm H
GREENERY, Split Philo Hanging Bush
GREENERY, Tarzan Vine (Strands Intertwined - 2m L)
GREENERY, Trailing Spray
GREENERY, Tropical Leaves - Large
HORN, Carved - Witch Doctor Prop
HORN, Conch Style - Silver Detail on Chain
HORN, Leather Detail - Witch Doctor Prop
HORN, Polished
MACHETE, Assorted
MASK, Large - Tribal Wooden w Black Detail
MASK, Medium - Tribal Assorted
MASK, Painted - Indonesian
MASK, Painted - Japanese
MASK, Painted Tribal Assorted
MASK, Small - Tribal Assorted
MASK, Wooden - Man w Long Moustache
MORTAR & PESTLE, Granite Stone
MORTAR, Rustic Carved Log
PENCIL, Rustic
PLATTER, Indigenous with Shell Inlay
POT, Medium Terracotta - Rounded Bottom 21cm H
POT or PAN, Cooking Pot - Rustic Granite
POT or PAN, Cooking Saucepan - Rustic Granite
POT, Rustic Wooden Storage Pot - 25-30cm
POT, Rustic Wooden Storage w Spout
POT, Terracotta - Small w Rounded Bottom 15cm H
POT / URN, Rustic 26cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Cream Terracotta 50cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Jug Terracotta - 32cm, 29cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Jug Terracotta - Cream 25cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Jug Terracotta - Green 35cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Stone Look - Large (Short)
POT / URN, Rustic Terracotta - Brown 20cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Terracotta - Brown 40cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Terracotta - Cream 20cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Terracotta - Green 32m H
POT / URN, Rustic Tuscan Terracotta - 40cm H (one only)
QUIVER, Black Fabric
ROCK, Small River Rock w Carving
ROPE NET, Small Pieces Assorted
SCOOP, Large Wooden
SCREEN, BAMBOO 1.8m x 1m (4cm Dia Poles)
SCREEN, BAMBOO 1m x 2m (Horizontal)
SCULPTURE, Tribal Man Seated
SHIELD, Fur Covered
SHIELD, Large Fibreglass 200cm x 35cm
SHIELD, Large Fibreglass (Style 1) - 220cm x 70cm
SHIELD, Large Fibreglass (Style 2) - 220cm x 70cm
SIGN, Tribal Message Stick
SKULL, Standard Size - Grey Styrene
SNAKE, Large - Assorted
SNAKE, Model 48cm H
SNAKE, Small - Assorted
SPEAR, Tribal Style
STONE BLOCK, 30x30x120cm
STONE RUINS, Freestanding Stone Wall 120cm W x 240cm H
STONE TIKI BLOCK, 58x30x180cm H (Rounded Top)
STONE TIKI BLOCK, Etched Styrene 58x120cm H
STONE TIKI BLOCK, Etched Styrene 58x90cm H
STONE TIKI BLOCK, Round Etched Styrene Stone 120cm Dia
STONE TIKI IDOL, 120cm W x 120cm H Carved Styrene
TABLE RUNNER, Aztec Peacocks - Brown Stripe
TABLE RUNNER, Bamboo Stick - Brown
THROW, Leopard Print
THROW (Tribal Leader's Cape), Leopard Print w Leather Detail
TIKI BAR, Bamboo - 215cm H x 135cm W (Chairs not incl)
TIKI BAR STOOL, Bamboo Chair 100cm H
TIKI HUT, Bamboo Legs w Thatched Roof (1.2m W x 2.6m H)
TORCH, Firestick
TOTEM POLE, 2.7m High Styrene
TRAY, Rustic Woven w Wooden Fish Handle
TRAY, Rustic Woven w Wooden Handle
TRIM, Tribal Braid - Assorted
TRIM, Tribal Tassel - Assorted
UTENSILS, Carved Servers (Pair)
UTENSILS, Rustic Spoons & Ladles (Long Handle)
UTENSILS, Rustic Spoons & Ladles (Small)
WEAPON, Club (Rubber)
WEAPON, Club - Solid Wood 75cm
WITCH DOCTOR PROP, Necklace or Talisman