ANT HILLS, Styrene Sand - 1m & 1.5m High
BARN DOORS, 2.8m Wide x 2.2m High
BARREL, Large - 90cmH
BAR, Rustic 1.6mW x 60cmD x 1.1mH
BENCH, Timber - Natural & Yellow 87.5cmL x 24cm x 45cmH
BENCH, Timber - Painted Green 1.1m Long
BLACKBOARD, Large in Rustic Frame - 70cm x 1.5m
BLANKET (Throw), Blue Mexican
BLANKET (Throw), Green Aztec w Fringe
BLANKET (Throw), Mexican Stripe
BLANKET (Throw), Orange Brown Stripe
BLANKET (Throw), Red Orange Black Mexican
BLANKET (Throw), South American
BOTTLES, Assorted Glass (Brown)
BOTTLES, Assorted Glass (Clear w Candle Wax)
BOTTLES, Assorted Glass (Green w Candle Wax)
BOTTLES, Assorted Glass (Various Colours)
BOTTLES, Assorted Liquor (Old Style)
BOWL, Terracotta Assorted
Brown & Cream with
CACTUS, 1.4m High
CACTUS, 1.75m High - Green in Terracotta Pot
CACTUS, 1m High - Green
CACTUS, 1m High - Sun Faded Look
CACTUS, 2.4m High
CACTUS, 3m High
CACTUS, Medium in Terracotta Pot - Assorted
CACTUS, Medium - Round
CACTUS, Painted Blue 1.5m High
CACTUS, Small in Terracotta Pot - Assorted
CACTUS, Spear Leaf 1.3m High
CACTUS, Spear Leaf 1.8m High
CACTUS, Spear Leaf 2.4m High
CAKE STAND, Timber 3 Tier - 65cm H x 50cm Dia
CART, Aqua - Large 2m L x 65cm x 1.8m H
CART, Aqua - Small 103cm L x 70cm x 93cm H (141cm L to end of Handle)
CHAIR, Cane Chair - Rustic Ochre / Black
CHAIR, Metal Pressed Stacking Assorted Colours
CRATE, Hessian Covered with Rope Detail, Ex Large
CRATE, Rustic Ochre / Black Paint Finish
CRATE, Small - Painted/Coloured
CRATE, Vintage - Bottle Holder
CUSHION, Green and Lime Stripe 50cm (Mexican)
CUSHION, Mexican Assorted
FENCE SECTIONS, Painted Ochre Black - Assorted Lengths
GREENERY, Succulent - Agave Base (Assorted Sizes)
GREENERY, Succulent - Agave Plant Large
GREENERY, Succulent - Agave Plant Medium
GREENERY, Succulent - Agave Plant Small
GREENERY, Succulent - Assorted
GUITAR, Acoustic - Natural (No Strings)
GUITAR, Acoustic - Red
HAMMOCK, Aged Canvas (optional Ticking Mattress)
HAT BOX, Black Ochre Metal
LANTERN, Hurricane - Tealights Large
LANTERN, Hurricane - Tealights Small
LIGHTING, Festoon LED Party Light Set Multi Colour (10 Plastic Globe)
PLANTER BOX, Rustic Window Box - Black/Ochre (120 x 15cm H)
PONCHO, Multicolour Mexican Stripe
POT / URN, Rustic 26cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Cream Terracotta 50cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Jug Terracotta - 32cm, 29cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Large 35cm H
POT / URN, Rustic Sandstone Pot 80cm high
RIFLE, Plastic Replica
RUG #009 Rust 1.9m x 90cm
RUG #032, Narrow Wool Rug - Orange Stripe 1.15m x 35cm
RUG #033, Narrow Wool Rug - Pink Stripe 2.3m x 60cm
RUG #050, Aztec 2.2m x 1.6m
RUG #052, Aztec 1990s Style 1.9m x 1.3m
SADDLE, Western Style
SALOON DOORS, Freestanding Swinging Doorway 2.4m High
SARAPE, Multi Colour Stripe - Small
SIEVE, Gold Panning - Wooden Rim w Broken Mesh (50cm D)
SKULL, Bull 44 x 70cm
SKULL, Bull 45cm - Resin
SKULL, Cow (Decaying)
SKULL, Horse
SKULL, Mexican Day of the Dead - Styrene
SKULL, Ram w Horns
SOMBRERO, Black w Gold Embroidery
SOMBRERO, Multicolour
SOMBRERO, Natural - Assorted
SOMBRERO, Rust Red w Gold Trim
STOOL, Bar Stool - Saddle Seat (Height Adjustable)
STOOL, Bar Stool -  Timber Seat with Angle Iron Legs
TABLE, Large - Rustic Black & Grey (71 x 74 x 80cmH)
TABLE, Large - Rustic Ochre & Black  (71 x 74 x 80cmH)
TABLE RUNNER, Aztec Peacocks - Brown Stripe
TABLE, Side Table - Rustic Ochre & Black (40 x 40 x 50cmH)
VASE (Large), Mexican Glass & IronĀ 
WAGON WHEEL, Medium 80cm Dia
WAGON WHEEL, Original - Large 95cm Dia
WAGON WHEEL, Small 55cm Dia
WAGON WHEEL, Spokes - Rustic 1m Dia