BAR, 1950s Mustard Padded Vinyl Bar w Buttons (1.2mW x 45cmD x 1mH)
BARK PAINTING, Small Assorted
BARK PAINTING, Style 1 - 2m x 4m
BARK PAINTING, Style 2 - 2m x 4.2m
BARK PAINTING, Style 3 - 1.5m x 1.8m
BAR, Rustic 1.6mW x 60cmD x 1.1mH
BASKET, Bamboo Bowl
BASKET, Bamboo Storage Medium
BASKET, Barrel Style w Woven Matting Outer
BASKET, Ex Large Woven No Base
BASKET, Large Open Weave Dark
BASKET, Large Open Weave Hessian Lining
BASKET, Large Open Weave Natural
BASKET, Large Round Brown w Handles
BASKET, Retro Cane Fruit
BASKET, Shallow Island Style w Handles
BASKET, Shallow Large Bamboo Wicker w Handles - 60cm Dia
BASKET, Shallow Large Woven
BASKET, Woven Island Style
BASKET, Woven Palm Small
BASKET, Woven Rectangular Storage 55 x 35cm
BASKET, Woven Reeds 35cm Dia
BENCH, Timber - Natural & Yellow 87.5cmL x 24cm x 45cmH
BENCH, Timber - Painted Green 1.1m Long
BIRD, Assorted
BIRD, Flamingos on Stand - 1950s Featherstone
BIRD, Parrot Assorted Colours - Resin 30cm
BIRD, Parrot - Plumed
BOAT, Small Fibreglass Row Boat, 2.6mL - Blue & White
BOAT, Small Rustic Timber Row Boat 1mW x 1.7mL
BOAT, Small Timber Row Boat, 2.1mL - Blue Yellow Maroon
BOTTLE, Chianti Green Glass
BOTTLE, Chianti Large
BOTTLE, Chianti Small
BOTTLE, Ex Large Aqua Blue Glass
BOTTLE, Ex Large Green Glass
BOTTLE, Vintage Wicker Covered
BOTTLE, Wicker Covered
BOTTLE, Wicker Covered - Large
BUOY, Glass Ball Float - Aqua 20cm Dia w Rope Cage
BUOY, Glass Ball Float - Blue 20cm Dia w Rope Cage
BUOY, Glass Ball Float - Clear 20cm Dia w Rope Cage
BUOY, Glass Ball Float Large 30cm Dia
BUOY, Glass Ball Float Large 35cm Dia - Blue
BUOY, Glass Ball Float Large 35cm Dia - Green
BUOY, Lifering - Vintage
BUOY, Lifering - Vintage Orange Canvas
BUOY, Lifering - Vintage Pink Bands
CART, Aqua - Large 2m L x 65cm x 1.8m H
CART, Aqua - Small 103cm L x 70cm x 93cm H (141cm L to end of Handle)
CART CANOPY, Blue & White Stripe
CART CANOPY, Yellow & White Stripe
CART, Off White - Large 2m L x 65cm x 1.8m H
CENTREPIECE - Tropical Green Flame
CENTREPIECE - Tropical Orange Flame
CHAIR, Peacock Chair - Cane Large 1.5m High
CHAIR, Peacock Chair - Cane Small 90cm High
CRATE, Green Storage Box w Rope Handle
CRATE, Hessian Covered Tea Chest
CRATE, Hessian Covered with Rope Detail, Ex Large
CRATE, Large - Assorted (58 x 57 x 46cm H)
CRATE, Large Slatted - Blue (42x56x38cm H)
CRATE, Large Slatted - Green (42x56x38cm H)
CRATE, Large Slatted - Yellow (42x56x38cm H)
CRATE, Medium Slatted - Aqua (36x48x38cm H)
CRATE, Medium Slatted - Pink (36x48x38cm H)
CRATE, Medium Slatted - Red (36x48x38cm H)
CRATE, Medium Slatted - Yellow (36x48x38cm H)
CRATE, Small Slatted - Aqua (30x40x20cm H)
CRATE, Small Slatted - Blue (30x40x20cm H)
CRATE, Small Slatted - Green (30x40x20cm H)
CRATE, Small Slatted - Pink (30x40x20cm H)
CRATE, with Cuban Signage
CRATE, with Tropical Signage
CRATE, Yellow Pepsi
CRAYPOT, Classic Round Wicker - Large 80cm Dia x 40cm H
CRAYPOT, Classic Round Wicker - Medium
CRAYPOT, Rectangular - USA Style
CUP, Bamboo
CURTAIN, Bamboo - Assorted Painted Design 80cm x 2m
DRUMSTICK, Large Tribal Style
DRUM, Tribal Bongo - Medium
DRUM, Tribal Bongo - Small
DRUM, Tribal Extra Large 1.2m Diameter
FISHING NET, Aqua - 2m x 10m
FISHING NET, Dark Blue - 2m x 7m
FISHING NET, White - 1.5m x 4m
FLOWER SPRAY, Bougainvillea - Hot Pink
FLOWER SPRAY, Bougainvillea - Orange
FLOWER SPRAY, Bougainvillea - Red
FLOWER SPRAY, Geranium Large - Red
FLOWER SPRAY, Geranium Small - Red
FOLIAGE, Palm Leaf - 74cm
FOLIAGE, Split Philo Leaf - 73cm
FRUIT, Artificial - Pineapple
FRUIT, Artificial - Pineapple (small)
FRUIT, Artificial - Tropical Fruit Basket
FRUIT, Artificial - Watermelon Wedge
GREENERY, 1.2m H Kentia Palm
GREENERY, 1.8m H Kentia Palm
GREENERY, 1.9m H Bamboo
GREENERY, Banana Palm w Feathers & Parrots 2.4m H x 1.8m W
GREENERY, Birds Nest Fern Leaf
GREENERY, Monsteria Leaf 102cm
GREENERY, Sago Palm Plant 80cm H
GREENERY, Tropical Leaves - Large
GUITAR, Acoustic - Red
HAT, Woven Palm
LADDER, Bamboo - 2m Long
LAMP, Shell Light - Conch Shape
LANTERN, Asian - Pink Hessian Covered w Timber Handle
LEI, Assorted Colours
LIFERING (BUOY) STAND, Aged Timber with Life Ring & Rope
LUGGAGE TAG, Tropical Paradise (generic)
OAR, Paddle - Rustic Timber
PALM, Decorative Tropical Palm Frond w Floral
PALM, Seed Pod
POST (BOLLARD), Aged White Timber with Hook 13cm Square 1.1m H
POST, Pier Pole 1.4m H
PUNCH BOWL SET, Wooden Tiki Style (12 Piece)
SCREEN, BAMBOO 1.2m x 2.4m (Woven)
SCREEN, BAMBOO 1.6m x 60cm (Bifold)
SCREEN, BAMBOO 1.8m x 1m (4cm Dia Poles)
SCREEN, BAMBOO 1m x 2m (Horizontal)
SEA, Shell - Abalone
SEA, Shell - Clam 25cm
SEA, Shell - Large 20cm Assorted
SEA, Shell - Macrame Pot Holder
SEA, Shell - Mobile
SEA, Shell - Necklace
SEA, Sponge
SERVER PAIR, Carved Tiki Style - Ex Large
SERVING BOWL SET, Wooden Tiki Style (14 Piece)
SERVING DISH, Teak Pineapple w Shell Inlay
SIGN, Cart Sign - Ice Cream
SIGN, Metal Tiki Club 20 x 30cm
SIGN, Tiki Bar - 48 x 38cm
SURFBOARD, Green / Yellow
SURFBOARD, Pink / Red Trigger Bros Retro
SWIMWEAR, Boardshorts - Retro
SWIMWEAR, Halterneck - Retro
TIKI BAR, Bamboo - 215cm H x 135cm W (Chairs not incl)
TIKI BAR STOOL, Bamboo Chair 100cm H
TIKI HUT, Bamboo Legs w Thatched Roof (1.2m W x 2.6m H)
TORCH, Tiki Style Assorted
TRAY, Teak Compartment Shell Inlay 
TURTLE SHELL, 32cm (Real)
TURTLE SHELL, 75cm (Fibreglass)
UKELELE, Blue Sunset
UKELELE, Pale Timber
UMBRELLA, Beach - Blue Palm Trees
UMBRELLA, Beach - Hawaiian Fringed
UMBRELLA, Beach - Sunset Palms
UMBRELLA, Indian Style Off White
UTENSILS, Carved Servers (Pair)
WINDCHIME, Mother of Pearl