BIRD, Flamingos on Metal Stand (90cm)
BIRD, Flamingos on Stand - 1950s Featherstone
CASINO, Gaming - Poker Chips (Set)
CASINO, Gaming - Poker Table Top 65cm x 1.5m L (to sit on an existing table)
CASINO, Gaming - Roulette Wheel Small 35cm Diameter
CHERUB, Alabaster Finish
COINS, Large Oversize 75cm Dia - 5c / 2c / 1c
COLUMN, Gold Corinthian 30cm D x 1.2m High
COLUMN, Gold with Minaret Top - 2.4m High
COLUMN, Orange Marble w Gold Top & Base - 3m H x 30cm base
COLUMN, Roman Fluted - 2.35m H x 30cm W base
CURTAIN, Nude Chiffon
CURTAIN, White Sequin Sheer (Ex Wide)
DICE, Acrylic 70cm Wide
DICE, Oversized White Vinyl 30cm x 30cm
DICE, Small Red Velour 9cm x 9cm
EASEL, Ornate Antique Gold 1.8m High
EASEL, Ornate Metal Painted Cream 1.3m High
EASEL, Timber Painted White 1.5m High
FLORAL, Bouquet - Blue Assorted
FLORAL, Bouquet - Bridal Peach & Pink Roses
FLORAL, Bouquet - Bridal Silver w Roses & Tulle
FLORAL, Bouquet - Pink Roses
FLORAL, Bouquet - Pink & White Assorted
FLORAL, Bouquet - Purple Assorted
FLORAL, Bouquet - Roses Red Pink Yellow
FLORAL, Bouquet - White Assorted
FLOWER, Rose - Assorted Pinks
FLOWER, Wisteria - Mauve
FLOWER, Wisteria - White
FRAME, Gold Leaf Frame Large & Freestanding - 1.6m W x 2.8m H
FRAME, Gold Leaf Frame Small & Freestanding - 1.7m W x 2.3m H x 65cm D
GLASS, Oversized Martini Glass - 15cm D x 40cm H
GLASS, Oversized Martini Glass - 18cm D x 50cm H
GLASS, Oversized Martini Glass - 22cm D x 30cm H
GLASS, Oversized Martini Glass - 30cm D x 50cm H
GRASS, Faux - 1.8m x 4.4m Roll
GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Single Ball Tree - 80cm H
GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Spiral - 120cm H
GREENERY, Topiary - Boxwood Spiral - 90cm H
GREENERY, Topiary - Double Boxwood Ball Tree - 135cm H
GREENERY, Topiary - Rosemary Spiral - 120cm H
GREENERY, Topiary - Rosemary Spiral - 150cm H
LECTURN, Ornate Yellow Gold and Cream
LED CURTAIN LIGHT, Bright White Flash or Steady 1.9m W x 2m Drop
LED CURTAIN LIGHT, Pure White 3m W x 2.5m Drop
LED CURTAIN LIGHT, Warm White 600 - 6m W x 3m Drop
PLANTER, Flower Box - Faux Grass 1m x 20cm x 30cm H
PLANTER, Flower Box - Faux Grass Semi Circle 1m W x 30cm H (Comes Empty - Floral Additional)
PLAYING CARD, Jack of Hearts Oversize 60 x 90cm
PLAYING CARDS, Jumbo Pack of Playing Cards 9 x 13cm high
PLAYING CARDS, Oversized 27cm x 42cm High
PLAYING CARDS, Table Numbers
PLINTH, Pedestal - Whitewash 32 x 70cm H
PLINTH, Pedestal Whitewash 39 x 39 x 35cm H (for URN0050)
PLINTH, White Metal 100cm High
PLINTH, White Metal 90cm High
RUG #024, RUNNER - Red Carpet 3.6m x 1m
SIGN, Drive In Wedding Chapel 60 x 80cm
SIGN, No Vacancy Arrow
SIGN POST, Decorative White 2.4m H w Ornate 60cm Arm (Freestanding)
SIGN, Vegas Street Sign - Caesars Palace
SIGN, Vegas Street Sign - Fremont St
SIGN, Vegas Street Sign - Las Vegas
SIGN, Vegas Street Sign - Paradise Drive
SIGN, Vegas Street Sign - Wedding Chapel Pink
TASSEL, Curtain Tie Back - Cream White Nude
TASSEL, Curtain Tie Back - Gold
THRONE, Timber White 68cm x 143cm H (64cm Deep)
URN, 108cm High - Gold on Pedestal Base Urn (34cm Dia)
URN CENTREPIECE, Cream Floral Arrangement (for Medium Urn URN0003)
URN CENTREPIECE, Pink Floral Arrangement (for Medium Urn URN0003)
URN, Gold - Small 34cm Dia x 30cm H
URN, Large - Whitewash 56cm D x 39cm H
URN, Large - Whitewash Tall Fluted 48.5cm Dia x 60cm H
URN, Off White - Small 34cm Dia x 30cm H
WINDOWS, Stained Glass - Freestanding 50cm W x 2m H